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Surfers and Beatniks at the Begovich Gallery

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Chrystal McCluney ’03 (B.A. communications — entertainment studies) and Rhonda Gawthrop ’78 (B.A. art) have teamed up to curate “Surf’s Beat Generation: An Art and Culture Revolution in Orange County From 1953-1964,” running Saturday, Feb. 6, through Saturday, March 12, at the Begovich Gallery, with a 5 p.m. opening day reception.

The exhibition recreates the vibe of many cafes along the Orange County coastline, where local surfers drew inspiration from beatniks’ art and culture to shape their own movement — one that “wasn’t anti-establishment; it was a freedom,” says Gawthrop, who, like McCluney, is pursuing an M.A. in art – exhibition design.

Among the exhibition highlights: early works from John Severson, “the father of modern surf art,” as well as original issues of his surfing magazine; early surf films and cartoons; and photography by Ron Church.