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Trio Wins Campus Business Contest: Next Up Regional Competition

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Three MBA students were at the top of their game for Cal State Fullerton’s Feb. 1 ACG competition and will now advance to the regionals in March against teams from throughout the Southland.

The winning team of Ivan Yemelyanov, Fahad Parekh and Sam Weber had one week to develop an analysis, a strategy and recommendations on the purchase of a fictional company, which they presented before a panel of judges. The competition was only open to MBA students; six teams competed.

“We spent a lot of time together brainstorming strategy, then coordinating the workload to be as efficient as possible,” said Yemelyanov, who stressed the importance of the trio working as a team.

“Since the three of us have known each other well throughout the MBA program and have worked together in the past, we knew that it would make things very easy,” agreed Parekh. “We were all very interested in the subject.”

“The biggest challenge was taking the analysis work and packaging it together into a 15-minute presentation,” added Yemelyanov. “With so many calculations and details to go over, it was tricky to put into an easy-to-digest presentation for the panel of judges, which mirrors a real mergers and acquisitions consulting environment.”