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Faculty Authors Recognized

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Twenty-eight faculty members who authored or edited books published last year were recently honored during the University’s annual Author Awards program sponsored by the offices of the President and Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Pollak Library, Titan Shops and the Faculty Development Center.

Providing the keynote address, “The Power of Storytelling in Everyday Life — and the Classroom” was honoree Jeffrey Kottler, professor of counseling and author of three recently published works: “On Being a Master Therapist: Practicing What You Preach,” co-authored with Jon Carlson of Governors State University; “Stories We’ve Heard, Stories We’ve Told: Life-Changing Narratives in Therapy and Everyday Life”; and “The Therapist in the Real World: What You Never Learn in Graduate School (But Really Need to Know).”

Other author honorees:

Scott Annin, professor of mathematics, “A Gentle Introduction to the American Invitational Mathematics Exam”

Stan Breckenridge, lecturer in African American Studies, second edition of “Music Taste or Waste: Critical Listening Skills for Students, Teachers and Parents”

Drew Chappell, lecturer in theatre and dance, co-editor of “Play, Performance and Identity: How Institutions Structure Ludic Spaces”

John Gleaves and Matthew Llewellyn, associate professors of kinesiology, co-authors of “The 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games: Assessing a 30-Year Legacy”

Tim Green, professor of elementary and bilingual education, co-author of “Securing the Connected Classroom: Technology Planning to Keep Students Safe” and the third edition of “The Essentials of Instructional Design: Connecting Fundamental Principles With Process and Practice”

Cindy S. Greenberg, professor of nursing and interim associate dean of the College of Health and Human Development, co-author of the fourth edition of “Pediatric Nursing Procedures”

Mohinder Grewal, professor of electrical engineering, a Simplified Chinese edition of “Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Inertial Navigation and Integration”

Andrea Guillaume, professor of elementary and bilingual education, “Classroom Teaching: A Primer for K-12 Professionals”

David Hall, lecturer in history, “A Faded Legacy: Amy Brown Lyman and Mormon Women’s Activism, 1872-1959”

Monica Hanna, assistant professor of Chicana and Chicano studies, “Junto Diaz and the Decolonial Imagination”

Nicole Jafari, lecturer in child and adolescent studies, co-author of “Child & Adolescent Development: A Multidisciplinary, Multicultural Perspective”

Sherif Khalifa, associate professor of economics, “Egypt’s Lost Spring: Causes and Consequences”

Sudarshan Kurwadkar, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, co-author of “Emerging Micro-Pollutants in the Environment: Occurrence, Fate and Distribution”

Enric Mallorqui-Ruscalleda, assistant professor of modern languages and literatures, “Ars grammaticae. El latín medieval hispánico de Ramón Llull,” “Catalan Diachronic and Corpus Linguistics: Four New Approaches” and “La Kloakada. Neovanguardia latinoamericana de los 80”

Brian McCabe, lecturer in geography, “Regional Conflict and Cooperation: A Framework for Understanding Global Geography”

Graham McFee, lecturer in philosophy, “How to do Philosophy: A Wittgensteinian Reading of Wittgenstein” and “On Sport and the Philosophy of Sport”

Farrokh Moshiri, lecturer in management, “United States Foreign Policy in the Middle East: The Historical Roots of Neo Conservatism”

Stephen Neufeld, associate professor of history, coauthor of second edition of “Mexico in Verse: A History of Music, Rhyme and Power”

Patricia Pérez, associate professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies, co-author of “Higher Education Access and Choice for Latino Students: Critical Findings and Theoretical Perspectives”

Jule Selbo, professor of cinema and television arts, “Screenplay: Building Story Through Character” and “Women Screenwriters International Guide”

Jason Shepard, chair and associate professor of communications, and Wayne Overbeck, professor emeritus of communications, co-authors of “Major Principles of Media Law, 2016”

Terri L. Snyder, professor of American studies, “The Power to Die: Slavery and Suicide in British North America”

Andi Stein, professor of communications, “Attracting Attention: Promotion and Marketing for Tourism Attractions”

Marcelo Tolmasky, professor of biological science, co-author of “Mechanism of Antibiotic Resistance” and “PLASMIDS, Biology and Impact on Biotechnology and Discovery”

Lisa Tran, professor of history, “Concubines in Court: Marriage and Monogamy in Twentieth-Century China”

Kavin Tsang, chair and associate professor of kinesiology, contributor to the fourth edition of “Therapeutic Modalities for Musculoskeletal Injuries”