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Faculty Make Presentations Across the Country

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Fourteen CSUF faculty members were presenters at various conferences and meetings across the country recently. They are:

Christina Goode, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, was an invited speaker and workshop leader at the April 17-19 International Mentoring Symposium, “Mentoring Students for Placement in an International Setting: Engaging Students-Engaging Mentors in STEM,” in Tulsa, Okla.

Vijay Pendakur, associate vice president for student affairs, was keynote speaker during the April 15 Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Awards Ceremony for Claremont Colleges.

Henry Puente, associate professor of communications, presented “BeIN: An Emerging Sports Cable Network,” at the March 22-25 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference, in Seattle.

Jason Shepard, chair and associate professor of communications, delivered “Abolishing the Speech Code: Lessons in First Amendment Activism From Don Downs,” at a March symposium sponsored by the Center for Liberal Democracy and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Political Science.

Shepard, Bonnie Stewart, lecturer and Daily Titan adviser, and Zack Johnston, Daily Titan managing editor, gave a presentation titled “Stonewalled: How to Use Your Editorial Voice to Gain Access to Public Information,” at the March Media Association Spring National Media Convention in New York.

Heather Osborne-Thompson, associate professor of cinema and television arts, gave the presentation, “A Seat at the Table: Professionalized Fandom and the Marketing of Outlander,” at the March 30-April 3 Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ annual conference. Rebecca Sheehan, assistant professor of cinema and television arts, presented “Film-Philosophy: Unanswered Questions” at the same conference.

Andi Stein, professor of communications, delivered “Beyond the Sideshow: The Celebrated Careers of Daisy and Violet Hilton,” at the March Joint Journalism and Communication History Conference in New York.

A number of American studies and humanities and social science faculty members were presenters at the April 22 “Comprehensive University in a Corporate Age” conference on campus. The conference was co-sponsored by the California American Studies Association; the CSUF departments of Asian-American Studies, English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics, Gerontology, Sociology, and Women and Gender Studies; and the Cultural and Public History Association of CSUF. Presenters included:

  • Donna Nicol, associate professor of women and gender studies, Carie Rael, office manager for the Center for Oral and Public History, and Becky Dolhinow, associate professor women and gender studies, “The Corporate University and the Assault on Ethnic and Gender Studies”; and
  • Nancy Fitch, chair and professor of history, and Jon Bruschke, professor of human communication studies, “Reflections on Shared Faculty Governance.”