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Ethnic Studies Research Published, Presented

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Siobhan Brooks, assistant professor of African American studies, is the author of “Staying in the Hood: Black Lesbian and Transgender Women and Identity Management in North Philadelphia,”posted online in March by the Journal of Homosexuality.

Tyler D. Parry, assistant professor of African American studies, co-authored “The Canine Terror,” posted online in May in Jacobin magazine. Parry also authored “The Holy Land of Matrimony: The Complex Legacy of the Broomstick Wedding in American History” in Vol. 55, No. 1 of American Studies.

Senior ethnic studies major Clayton Finn presented a related paper, titled “Canines and Blackness: The Dehumanization of Black Criminal Identities,” at the May 20 Social Justice Research Symposium sponsored by UCI’s Department of Criminology, Law & Society.