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Faculty Books and Articles Published

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Lisa Winstead, associate professor of elementary and bilingual education, is co-editor of“Handbook of Research on Foreign Language Education in the Digital Age” published in July by IGI Global. Winstead spent a yearlong sabbatical working on the collaboration and development of the book, which examines emerging technological tools and pedagogical approaches to second-language learning environments.

Associate professor of communications Carol Ames’ book
Entertainment Public Relations: Communicating With Audiences,” was published by Peter Lang. Ames uses the book while teaching a course on entertainment public relations.

Sudarshan Kurwadkar, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, recently had three articles published: “Modeling Photodegradation Kinetics of Three Systemic Neonicotinoids – Dinotefuran, Imidacloprid and Thiamethoxam – in Aqueous and Soil Environment,” in the April issue of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, and two co-authored articles, “Uptake and Translocation of Sulfamethazine by Alfalfa Grown Under Hydroponic Conditions,”available online and slated for a future issue of the Journal of Environmental Sciences, and “Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium Onto Activated Carbon Derived From Leucaena Leucocephala Waste Sawdust: Kinetics, Equilibrium and Thermodynamics,” in the September issue of International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology.