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Valuing the Importance of Efficient Supply Chain Management

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In a nation where meat, fruit and nuts are often a transnational commodity, efficiency in supply chain management can have a major impact on whether you see certain products on your store shelves. Min Choi, an assistant professor of management who joined Cal State Fullerton this fall, has studied the issue.

“Operational inefficiency in the food industry is not just an economic problem; it also has direct social and environmental implications,” says the scholar, who completed her doctorate in supply chain management at Arizona State University. “Sustainable supply chain management is crucial.”

What inspired you to go into your field? What was the defining moment?

My operations management professor told me that by making things cheaper, faster and better, we can serve more people and improve their quality of living. Then I realized I don’t have to work for a nonprofit organization to help people.

What are your research interests and why?

I am interested in various supply chain management issues organizations face. Currently, I am particularly interested in the food industry. My research looks at how the different supply chain contracts that grocery retailers adopt influence food waste measured in inventory shrinkage.

How do you engage students in your classes and/or research?

I try to use as many real industry examples as possible so that students see how the class content can be applied in real life. I also try to connect the class content to career opportunities, in order to motivate students to learn actively in class.

What changes do you envision in your field five years from now?

I think there will be increasing awareness on social and environmental aspects of business performance. I plan to emphasize these aspects more strongly in my classes to prepare our students for their career.

What is one thing that you believe the general public needs to know about management?

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” — Peter Drucker

Even though I teach operations and supply chain management focusing on how to do things efficiently and effectively, I want to emphasize that without the right goals and directions, organizations may not succeed.

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