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In Memoriam – Vera M. Robinson

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Vera M. Robinson, professor emeritus of nursing, died Feb. 11 at the age of 92. Robinson, a former U.S. Army nurse from 1945 to 1950,  served at Cal State Fullerton for 11 years, including six years as department chair. Prior to joining CSUF, she helped set up one of the first community mental health centers in the nation in Denver.

Her areas of research included humor and health care, a subject she discussed numerous times at professional organizations and nursing programs, as well as in her book, “Humor in the Health Professions.”

“We’ve long known that negative feelings can create organic changes like ulcers, arthritis and high blood pressure,” she said in 1980. “If negative feelings can create illness, positive feelings should promote health.”

Robinson is survived by her son William and daughters Beth and Elaine.