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Reinvigorated Program Showcases Art of Glass

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A $300,000 gift from a local patron of the arts is helping expand the College of the Arts’ glass program with a new state-of-the-art glass studio, an enhanced curriculum and guest artists.

The glass concentration, which dates back to Cal State Fullerton’s early years, is being reinvigorated through a multiphase upgrade that will include a redesign of the studio to provide more space for students to work, as well as new energy-efficient equipment, such as glory holes, pipe warmers and annealers to properly heat, then cool the glass.

Taking the helm of this new effort is Hiromi Takizawa ‘05 ’07 (B.A., M.A. art), assistant professor of art and glass program coordinator, along with John Leighton, professor emeritus of art, who led the program prior to Takizawa’s arrival. 

Takizawa “arrived with an exciting focus to work with John to reinvigorate the program, particularly glass-blowing artistry,” says Jade Jewett, chair and professor of art. “Glass blowing requires a lot of faculty management of equipment and facilities. And she’s a dynamo. She’s rebuilding the program by sheer will. There’s such joy in it for her that it’s contagious. She’s filling classes.”  

The program, explains Jewett, has always been small because of its safety requirements, with three classes each semester. This spring, the revamped program includes a four-month residency with artist Greg Price, with more guest artists planned for coming semesters.

The gift, says Takizawa, “provides a creative learning environment that opens up opportunities for students to experiment and conduct research as we nurture these young artists to become innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers.”

“We are proud to support the vision of the Department of Art in revitalizing the glass program at CSUF to create a dynamic, sustainable learning environment for both students and faculty,” says the donor, who prefers to remain anonymous. “We know art programs benefit not only those students pursuing art as a career, but also anyone who takes a single class that encourages creativity, problem solving or expression. We believe community partnerships are a key way to ensure that art is around all of our lives, bringing more brilliant color into our world for years to come.”