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Bringing an Environmental Perspective to Operations Management

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Shadi Goodarzi’s desire to become a teacher came from listening to her father share his experiences and the feedback he received from his students.

Her desire to teach in America came from a desire to expand her experiences beyond her native Tehran and Paris, where she earned a petroleum engineering degree at Polytechnic of Tehran, master’s degree in project and progrma management at SKEMA Business School and doctorate in operations management and information technology at HEC Paris.

Prior to joining Cal State Fullerton, she served as a visiting researcher in the London Business School’s Department of Management Science and Operations.

“I like Cal State Fullerton,” said the assistant professor of management. “The balance of research and teaching is a great balance for me.”

What inspired you to go into your field?

The main motivation first came from that time with my father and grew as I advanced in education. I used to teach mathematics to high school students and then taught while a doctoral student in France. It was a good fit.

When I studied petroleum engineering as an undergraduate, I took management and economics courses and realized I had a much better feeling in those topics.

What are your research interests and why?

I study adoption of environmental technologies from different views, and the inclusion and adoption of environmental technology. I try to answer such questions as, what’s the best way to provide information to customers? What is the best level for subsidies to promote these technologies? What will be the effects of, for example, the growth of solar systems on the electrical industry?

How do you engage students in your classes and/or research?

I try to make the topics of discussion relevant to what the students know in real life and maybe how it relates to them. I always start with a question to get them thinking, so they are ready to receive information I’m going to be providing. I find that students are more engaged this way.

What changes do you envision for yourself five years from now?

I would like to see myself established in my research field of study and in teaching, to feel that I’m providing the best I can as a teacher and scholar; that I’m responding to students’ needs and providing what they need to succeed.

What one thing do you believe the general public needs to know about the field of study you are doing?

Renewable energy — There needs to be more information out about the importance of environmental technology and the benefits to society.

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