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Three Alumni Among Campus Members Honored as Emeriti

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President Mildred García conferred the emeriti title on a number of campus people in December, including three alumni who had a combined total of 95 years of service to their alma mater.

They were:

  • Spencer Colman ‘99,’02 (B.A. political science, MPA – urban management), senior project manager emeritus in December in recognition of 36 years of service;
  • Owen Holmes ‘93 (M.A. political science), associate vice president emeritus of government and community relations, in honor of 31 years; and
  • Judith Valona ‘95 (B.S. physical education) was honored as executive assistant emeritus, for 28 years of service.

Also honored:

  • Christina A. Goode, professor emeritus of chemistry and biochemistry, in honor of 27 years of service;
  • Albert Flores, professor emeritus of philosophy, in recognition of his 26 years of service;
  • Margie McMillan, confidential assistant emeritus, for 15 years of service; and
  • Jeremiah Moore, associate dean of students emeritus, for 41 years of service.