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Professor of Art Is Official ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Halo’ Artist

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Cliff Cramp has signed a licensing deal with Acme Archives Ltd., the official licensee for original and fine art from Twentieth Century Fox, DreamWorks, Disney and others. The professor of art will work on properties including “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones,” “Firefly” and “Halo.”

“Rendezvous,” based on the “Firefly” TV series, is his first release with Acme Archives, with other work already in the approval pipeline, says Cramp, a Corel Painter Master. “Although I was brought in primarily as an officially licensed ‘Star Wars’ artist, I will also be licensed on other properties.” 

Although short-lived, “Firefly” developed a huge cult following. The “Firefly” illustration, says Cramp, “is a juxtaposition of the Old West and sci-fi. Being a Western in space, ‘Firefly’ made an impression on me. Also, I think Serenity is one of the coolest space ships ever designed.”

Three illustrations have been approved by LucasFilm and will be released over the next month; the first “Star Wars” piece may be unveiled at the annual Star Wars Celebration in Orlando in April.

“The fun part of this licensing deal is that I get to do whatever I imagine or conjure up within the universe of the individual properties — as long as I stay within the canon,” says the illustrator.