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Titans With Stellar Research Projects Headed to Statewide Competition

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Fifteen Cal State Fullerton students — eight individuals and two teams — will present their research in a California State University competition next month at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

“The group was selected from 59 students who presented rigorous, interesting and innovative projects during a three-day CSUF competition Feb. 21-23,” said Nathalie Carrick, associate professor of child and adolescent studies, who organized the CSUF competition and will accompany the student finalists to the April 28-29 contest.

Graduate student competitors:

Raj Divi, biology
“Biomimetic Models Reveal Vortical Filtration Mechanics of Filter Feeding Mobulid Rays”
Mentor: Erin Paig-Tran, assistant professor of biological science

Nicholas Gomez, music
“Ornette Coleman in 1959: Redefining the Form and Function of Jazz”
John Koegel, professor of music

Allison Paff, human communication studies
“Investigation of Feedback Schedules on Speech Motor Learning in Healthy Younger and Older Adults”
Phillip Weir-Mayta, assistant professor of human communication studies

Mayur Parmar, mechanical engineering
“Experimental Study on Liquid-Assisted Laser Beam Micro-Machining of Smart Materials”
Sagil James, assistant professor of mechanical engineering

Undergraduate competitors:

Ahmad Alsharhan, Ryan Kean, Hieu Le, Christopher Veyna and Thomas Ward, mechanical engineering
“Building a Low-Cost Atomic Force Microscope”
Sagil James, assistant professor of mechanical engineering

Selena Cartznes and Fardusa Ismail, child and adolescent development
“‘Am I the Only One?’ Personal and Witnessed Cyberbullying Experiences Among Latino Middle School Students”
Guadalupe Espinoza, assistant professor of child and adolescent studies

Karla Gutierrez, biological science
“Evaluating the Importance of Pre-settlement Versus Post-settlement Processes in Determining Adult Population Density of the Olympia Oyster, Ostrea lurida, in Newport Bay, CA.”
Danielle Zacherl, professor of biological science

Stacy Guzman, chemistry and biochemistry
“Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Wnt Signaling Pathway: Towards Novel Anticancer Therapeutics”
Peter de Lijser, chair and professor of chemistry and biochemistry

Trini Nguyen, mathematics
“Mathematical Model to Detect Dry-Eye Diseases”
Charles H. Lee, professor of mathematics

Caitlin Stapp, biological science
“The Structural Properties of Blacktip Poacher (Xeneretmus latifrons) Scales: A Biomechanical Inspiration for Puncture-Resistant Armor”
Erin Paig-Tran, assistant professor of biological science