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Fostering Vietnamese Dual Language Programs in Schools

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Cal State Fullerton’s National Resource Center for Asian Languages co-hosted a Vietnamese Language Roundtable March 29, focusing on “The Roles of Parents, Community and Educators in Supporting Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion Programs.”

“Interests for dual language immersion programs have grown tremendously over the past few years. Educators are seeing the benefits of these programs, which include increasing biliteracy, enhancing cognitive development, strengthening cross-cultural communication and improving economic opportunities,” said Natalie Tran, professor of educational leadership and director of the National Resource Center for Asian Languages.

“The success of dual language immersion programs heavily relies on the partnership between parents, the school and community. Thus, it is important that input from these key stakeholders is sought.”

The event, held at DeMille Elementary School in the Westminster School District, was attended by parents, teachers, district leaders, community partners and others working with Vietnamese K-12 education programs.

DeMille Elementary is the first school in California to offer a Vietnamese and English Dual Language Immersion Program. The National Resource Center for Asian Languages helped launch the program and continues to provide support.

In 2014, Cal State Fullerton was awarded a four-year $709,564 grant from the U.S. Department of Education to support a National Resource Center for Asian Languages on campus. The grant funds instructional and professional development resources to enhance the teaching, learning and research of less commonly taught languages in the United States, including Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

For more information about the center, contact Natalie Tran or 657-278-4335.