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Prepping for Greatness at the Financial Literacy, Economics and Business Olympiad

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Students from area high schools are flexing their business knowledge and acumen, getting ready for this year’s Olympiad for Financial Literacy, Economics and Business sponsored by Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Economic Education.

The annual program will be held from 8:40 a.m. through 2:15 p.m. Saturday, April 15, in several classrooms on the first floor of Mihaylo Hall.

The Olympiad pits individuals and teams in up to five events designed to develop and demonstrate their understanding of key business and personal finance concepts critical to survive in today’s economy: a business plan contest, stock market simulation, financial literacy video and quizzes on financial literacy/personal finance/financial news.

“We purposely created a multifaceted Olympiad with components of business, finance and economics, in much the same way that there are area math and science Olympiads,” said Radha Bhattacharya, director of the CSUF Center for Economic Education. “And we targeted students from low-income area high schools, who may not be able to travel to compete in national competitions, but can have the experience right here.”

As part of the effort, the center is sending out student mentors to some of the high schools to help get students interested in the contest and to support them in their efforts through weekend workshops, said Bhattacharya.

The third annual event is co-sponsored by Mihaylo College of Business and Economics and Wells Fargo Bank. The business plan component is a partnership with the National Startup League and CSUF’s Center for Entrepreneurship; the personal finance component is a partnership with the California Council of Economic Education. A full schedule is available online.

The Center for Economic Education was established to promote economic and financial literacy in K-12 schools, working on a practical and applied level with the National Council for Economic Education statewide and nationally. In addition to the Olympiad, the center offers a Youth Economic Empowerment Program, a Financial Fitness Camp and stock market simulations, as well as training programs and online curriculum materials for K-12 educators.

For additional information, contact Radha Bhattacharya, 657-278-3652. 

Media Contact:

Pamela McLaren, 657-278-4852