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Campus Employees Honored by Special Olympics, University

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Several members of Cal State Fullerton’s campus community received accolades for their contributions to the University and beyond.

Dean Weitz, executive chef for OC Choice Catering, is the recipient of the Madeline Evans Humanitarian Award from Special Olympics Orange County. A 10-year volunteer with the organization, Weitz was recognized during the April 9 “Heart of a Champion” parade at the Anaheim Hilton.

In addition, President Mildred García recently conferred emeriti status for the following faculty members:

  • Andy Bazar, professor of mechanical engineering, in recognition of his 27 years of service
  • Maryanne Garon, professor emeritus of nursing, in honor of 17 years of University service
  • Mohinder Grewal, professor emeritus of electrical engineering, in recognition of 43 years of campus service
  • Ellen Kottler, lecturer emeritus of secondary education, in honor of 16 years of dedicated service
  • Irene Lange, professor emeritus of marketing, in recognition of 50 years of CSUF service
  • Rebecca Otton, associate professor emeritus of nursing, for 10 years of University service
  • James Santucci, professor emeritus of comparative religion, in honor of 42 years of service