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‘Dear Titan’ Video Goes Viral

Heartfelt Letters From Parents Read By Graduates
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“Dear Titan” is a video featuring several Cal State Fullerton graduates reading heartfelt letters from their parents telling their sons and daughters just how proud they are of them. The students in the video read the letters for the first time while being filmed in a studio. The video was produced and edited by a team of social media interns and student assistants in Strategic Communications at Cal State Fullerton as one of their spring projects. To date, the video has been seen on Facebook by more than 80,000 people, viewed 33,000 times, received 900 likes, and has been shared by 211 followers on their Facebook timelines. It has also been shared on YouTube and Twitter.

The future alums’ reactions tell the story of the immense Titan Pride felt by the students and their parents and how Titans Reach Higher.