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Pronouncing Shakespeare’s Words, First Amendment Challenges and Other Sabbaticals Announced

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Studies into how Shakespeare’s words were pronounced, how the First Amendment was used to challenge government censorship in the 1950s, and how Proposition 13 impacted household property tax burdens and tax revenue are just a few of the proposed projects being undertaken during sabbaticals awarded to Cal State Fullerton faculty for the 2017-18 academic year. 

Fifty-two sabbaticals have been granted from a pool of 86 applications, according to the Office of Faculty Support Services.

In addition to conducting research, faculty members from across campus also are developing new courses, completing books and articles, and performing across the country. Recipients include:

2017-18 Academic Year

Huiran Pan, assistant professor of economics
Dennis Siebenaler, associate professor of music
Danielle Zacherl, professor of biological science

Fall 2017

Alfonso Agnew, professor of mathematics
Joao Barros, associate professor of kinesiology
Evelyn Case, lecturer in theatre and dance
Grace Cho, professor of secondary education
Robert Davis, professor of cinema and television arts
Nancy Fitch, professor of history
Andrew Galpin, associate professor of kinesiology
John Gleaves, associate professor of kinesiology
Charles Grieb, professor of art
John Haan, associate professor of of chemistry and biochemistry
William Hoese, professor of biological science
Larry Howard, associate professor of economics
Karen Ivers, professor of elementary and bilingual education
Jeff Kuo, professor of civil and environmental engineering
MyungJung Kwon, associate professor of political science
Kathleen Preston, associate professor of psychology
Prasada Rao, professor of civil and environmental engineering
David Sandner, professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics
Jason Shepard, associate professor of communications
Douglas Swanson, professor of communications
Dara Vazin, lecturer in health science
Jim Volz, professor of theatre and dance
Shawn Wang, professor of computer science
Yingdi Wang, associate professor of finance

Spring 2018

Martin Bonsangue, professor of mathematics
Robert Castro, professor of criminal justice
Amybeth Cohen, professor of biological science
Mark Ellis, professor of secondary education
Jean Ferrandis, professor of music
Anthony Fellow, professor of communications
Adrian Fleissig, professor of economics
Natalie Fousekis, professor of history
Amy Foust, associate professor of criminal justice
Eugene Fujimoto, associate professor of educational leadership
Julian Jefferies, assistant professor of literacy and reading education
Karyl Ketchum, associate professor of women and gender studies
Min Jung Kim, associate professor of human communication studies
Mikyong Kim-Goh, professor of social work
Matthew Lancellotti, professor of marketing
Maria Linder, professor of chemistry and biochemistry
Stacy Mallicoat, professor of political science
Ruth Mielke, associate professor of nursing
Thanh Nguyen, associate professor of finance
Nicholas Salzameda, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry
Terri Snyder, professor of American studies
Georgia Spiropoulos, associate professor of criminal justice
Lisa Tran, professor of history
Lenny Wiersma, professor of kinesiology
Joshua Yang, associate professor of health science