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Writing Across the Curriculum Offers Tools to Faculty to Enhance Students’ Writing Skills

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Academic Programs has introduced a new program focused on giving faculty members the tools they may need to assist students in becoming better writers.

Leslie Bruce, the faculty fellow for the Writing Across the Curriculum program, says one goal is to teach faculty the wide range of ways to have students write beyond the standard term paper. She’d like to help faculty find writing activities that are “short and less formal but show that students understand the material they are learning, that they can write concisely and well.”

This afternoon (Oct. 2), Bruce is leading one of the workshops and lunch and learn programs she is offering throughout the academic year: “Proposing or Refreshing Your Upper-Division Writing Course,” in which she will provide “the latest research supporting the integration of writing into classes across the curriculum” and how to update a current or expired writing intensive course. The 1-5 p.m. program will be offered in Room 240 of the Pollak Library.

In addition, Bruce will soon be working with library faculty to write a grant proposal to fund purchases of books for both faculty and students on writing across the curriculum.

“I love this type of program,” says the educator who has taught English on campus for 10 years. Bruce says she enjoys WAC research, and is happy this new position allows her to “share what I learn with faculty who really care about student success.”

To learn details about the program and Bruce’s efforts, continue reading.