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Campus Begins Work on New Physical Master Plan

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Cal State Fullerton has moved forward in its ongoing efforts to meet the region’s educational needs by kicking off work to establish an up-to-date campus development plan.

A master plan provides a framework for implementing the university’s goals and programs by identifying needed facilities and improvements to support growth and development. It is expected to take approximately 12 to 15 months to complete. Cal State Fullerton’s last master plan effort was completed in 2003.

“Our university has significantly evolved over the past 15 years, since the last campus master plan was completed. It is essential for us to revisit the plan to update the vision and goals to most accurately describe the current and projected needs and desires of our university, as well as align the plan with the University’s mission and strategic initiatives,” said Sarab Singh, director of construction and interim director of planning and design.

A planning team is currently working on a process and schedule for goal setting; conducting college, department, campus and community interviews; developing a preliminary concept; and seeking comments on the final draft master plan. Ultimately, the plan will be reviewed for approval by the California State University Board of Trustees.

“Input from our campus community is going to be critical and integral in developing a plan that enhances the quality of campus life. Our focus is to ensure that the master planning process is transparent and comprehensive,” Sarab said.

Cal State Fullerton’s 241-acre main campus consists of 110 permanent buildings, including student housing for 1,980 residents and the 585-seat Gastronome dining complex. The latest structures to be incorporated into the campus are the College Park Building located south of the campus and the former Western State College of Law building, now known as Titan Hall, west of the campus. The Fullerton Arboretum, developed in cooperation with the city of Fullerton, is located at the northeast corner of campus. The Fullerton Marriott is located on the university’s southeast side.

In addition, Cal State Fullerton controls two buildings near the Irvine Spectrum that serve as its Irvine location. Other campus satellites include Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana and the Garden Grove Center.