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University President Praises ‘Selfless’ Work of Titan Employees

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Recognizing the vision, leadership and service that fuels the work of the university, Cal State Fullerton faculty, staff and administrators gathered April 19 for the annual University Awards Program.

The celebration kicked off with breakfast, rousing music from the Titan Band and the fun of seeing CSUF President Fram Virjee and David Forgues, vice president for human resources, diversity and inclusion, along with members of the Spirit Squad, sending T-shirts into the audience.

“There is only one real source of orchestrating humanity and changing humanity, there’s only one way to change lives and change legacies, and only one way that we can lift up communities and support communities — you know of course I’m talking about reaching higher through the power of higher education. That’s what we do,” said President Virjee.

“Nothing looks better than this Titan family wielding the transformative power that we have in changing lives with education. So I want you guys to give yourselves a hand.

“All of you have demonstrated to me what the Titan family really means,” Virjee continued. “It’s who we are in the classroom. It’s what we do on the field. It’s how we interact and care for, and care about, our communities.”

Virjee also noted that the university is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year — a legacy of “supporting Titans reaching higher,” but added that the awards ceremony was a time to recognize the excellence of Titan faculty and staff members.

“Of course, most importantly, it’s all about you, the faculty and staff of this incredible institution,” he told the crowd. “Every time I think that I can’t be inspired one more time, I meet another faculty member or another staff member who inspires me with their story.”

Kari Knutson Miller, provost and vice president for academic affairs, agreed. “Each one of you plays a vital role in the success of Cal State Fullerton through our commitment to student success both inside and outside the classroom and to a thriving Titan community. Our goal is to ensure that every Titan feels supported and inspired. The time and energy you have devoted to our students and our university is noted every day.”

In addition to recognizing employees’ years of service and achievement of advanced degrees, the awards program presented three campuswide awards.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

A team who created the exhibit, “African American Civic Engagement: 1860s and 100 Years Later Among CSUF Titan Alumni,” was recognized this year for embodying the university’s spirit of diversity, equity and inclusion. Stan Breckenridge, retired lecturer in African American studies; Siobhan Brooks, chair and associate professor of African American studies; and Alina Mircea-Trotz, director of development for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, launched the exhibit and a special fundraising initiative to deepen connections between the community, alumni, students, faculty members and staff.

Teamwork and Collaboration Award

The Campus Speaker Working Group received this year’s Teamwork and Collaboration Award for its leadership, planning, open communication and effective collaboration when a controversial speaker, who sparked numerous protests at other universities, visited campus. Members of the group include: Keya Allen, Jeff Fehrn (Associated Students Inc.); Michael Delo (Parking and Transportation); John Beisner, Michael Coughlin (Risk Management); Jeffrey Cook (Strategic Communications and Brand Management); Tonantzin Oseguera, Vincent Vigil (Student Affairs); and Carl Jones, Scot Willey (University Police).

Leadership Award

Pauline Tagle, director of the Office of Grants and Contracts, was honored with this year’s Leadership Award for motivating staff, demonstrating high standards of integrity, and streamlining the office’s ability to process 300 grant proposals each year. Helping the university increase its external grant revenue by 25 percent ($21 million to $26 million) over the last three fiscal years, Tagle and her team provided guidance, support and information from announcement of funding opportunities, submittal and review to negotiation with sponsors.

Graduation and Certificates Earned

Several staff members who earned advanced degrees were recognized, including:
Andrew Gonzales, Ed.D., University of Southern California
Inez González, Ed.D., Cal State Fullerton
Diane Mazzey, Ed.D., University of Southern California
Matt Olson, M.F.A. screenwriting, Cal State Fullerton
Abigail Segura, M.A. education, Claremont Graduate University
Valerie Sun, Ed.D., Cal State Los Angeles

Years of Service

With 45 years of service, custodian Michael A. San Roman led the class of those who have served the campus community for more than four decades.

Following him were two longtime faculty members: Anil K. Puri, director of the Woods Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting, and Laurance Timm, professor and interim director of the School of Music, who have given a broad range of service from teaching in the classroom to administrative duties during their 40 years serving Cal State Fullerton.

35 years of service

Beatrice “Bunny” Casas, administrative analyst, Academic Programs
Maqsood Chaudhry, professor of electrical engineering
Bhushan Kapoor, chair and professor of information systems and decision sciences
Paula J. Selleck, associate director, news media services, Strategic Communications and Brand Management
Mostafa Shiva, professor of electrical engineering
Keith Wanser, professor of physics

30 years of service

Teresa E. Cabral, logistical services, Facilities Management
Enrique M. Chavez, plumbing shop, Facilities Management
Ning Chen, professor of computer science
David L. Duncan, library administration
Ann Naomi Ehl, Auxiliary Services Corp.
Lynne D. Funk, academic operations/support services, University Extended Education
Catherine Higa, Children’s Center, Associated Students Inc.
Linda Stanton, professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics
Robert Voeks, professor of geography and the environment

25 years of service
John Beisner
Martin Bonsangue
Raul Camacho
Bryan Cantley
Monica Castro
John N. Chappell
Marilou V. Encina
Jade Jewett
Mikyong Kim-Goh
Patricia Laguna
Yuming Li
Eligio Hernandez
Lopez Martin Lorigan
Gail K. Matsunaga
Jennifer L. McCormick
Mark P Mealey
John Mearns
Yuan Ting
Bradley Van Mourik
20 years of service
Lucimar Acevedo
Jennifer D. Baldaray
Jon Bruschke
John Carroll
Amy L. Castaneda
Susan I. Cervantes
Amybeth Cohen
Robert E. Davis
Linda Fraser
Juan Gallego
Marco Polo Gutierrez
Pamela S. Hernandez
John Hickok
Kristi Kanel
Robert Kersey
Nathan L. Longcrier
Kenara Ly
Michael D. Marcinkevicz
Nathan L. Longcrier
Kenara Ly
Michael D. Marcinkevicz
Maria C. Mccray
Ronald Morris
Loan V. Nguyen
Wei-Cheng Peng
Catherine Perez
Christine I. Pircher-Barnes
Elena Quinto
Debra Rose
James Taulli
Jie Tian
Yvonne M. Velasco-Ortega
Lisa M. Wang
Candi Watkins
Jeanette Weir
Linda L. Wright
15 years of service
Maricela Alvarado
Scott Annin
Michelle Arsneault
Antonieta Bartter
Rahul Bhaskar
Ellen Caldwell
Kathleen Cariaga
Amy Coplan
Kristine Dennehy
Michael Dickerson
Matt Englar-Carlson
Mark S. Filowitz
Markus Fischer
Robert L. Flores
Joseph Forkan
Natalie Fousekis
April Franklin
Jacqueline Frost
Margaret Garber
Michele M. Garden
Susan C. Garofalo
Elizabeth Georges
Rickey Glenn Jr
Laleh B. Graylee
Charles Grieb
Heather Guzman
Javette Hayes
Holladean Y Hillman
Gabriel J. Ibarra
Mortaza Jamshidian
Changhyun Jo
Sara Johnson
Matthew Kirby
Mikhail Korzhev
Michael Lara
Susan K. Leavy
Mary A. Lehn-Mooney
Jarret Lovell
Vivek Mande
Mindy Mechanic
Valeria Moreno
Andrew L. Nguyen
Pamella H. Oliver
Rosario Ordonez-Jasis
Patricia Park
Melinda Pierson
Gregory Pongetti
Mallela Prasada Rao
Thomas R. Rahlfs
Celia Reynolds
Karen Kohrt Ringl
Tammy L. Rogers
Angeles Sancho-Velazquez
Hans Schenk
Heather L Snavely
Paul Stapp
Bogdan Suceava
John A. Tambio
Terri L. Thompson
Kyriakos Toyias
Sharnette M. Underdue
Roberto Valencia
Amanda N. Villagran
Mishu Vu
Sherri R. Wolff
Stacey Wong
Samuel Yang
Philippe Zacair
10 years of service

David W. Aguirre
Fatima Alali
Mardelle Azimi
Kimberly M. Ball
Tara Barnhart
Silvia Barrios
Jennifer S. Bergerson
Edward Betancourt
Lisa A. Bickmore
Alain Bourgault
April Brannon
Matthew Braun
Samuel Broyles
Todd Cadwalladerolsker
Matthew Calarco
Debra Cano Ramos
Lance E. Carr
Christina Carroll-Pavia
Benjamin Cawthra
Gary C. Chang
Orville Chapman
Carlton Chase
Monica N. Chavez
David Chenot
Alvin H. Chiu
Carolynn Coal
Rebecca Conran-Dunham
Kristin H. Cook
Ocena G. Corbin
Jennifer Crum
Math Cuajungco
William Cunliffe
Amy H. Dam
Dannaca L. Daniel
Fanny Daubigny
John Davis
Marilyn A. Dela Cruz
Mike Demars
Joseph E. Diaz
Andrew Dickson
Thanhtu T. Do
Barbara Doyer
Alison Edwards
Robert Engles
Russell Espinoza
Leslie W. Ewins
Anthony Feng
Brooke Fessler Owens
Sina Firouzi
Dianna Fisher
Howard Forman
Brent M. Foster
Amy Foust
Roben L. Frick
Cynthia Gautreau
Kiran George
Nahid (Nina) Ghazaee
Laura D. Gil-Trejo
Adelina Gnanlet
Aaron Goetz
Adam Golub
Erualdo Gonzalez
Jose L. Guerrero
Mohammadali Hani
Martha L. Hentschel
Judith Hervey
Sarah Hill
Jidong Huang
Paula Hudson
Amy M I
Zair Ibragimov
Anne James
Kristen M. Jasko
Debbie C. Jay
Christopher Johnson
Graham D. Jones

Pawel Kalczynski
Dolores L. Kimball
Christopher Kondo
Lisa M. Krause
Kevin Lambert
Patrick J. Launi
Robyn L Lechuga
Cheng Y. Lee
Patricia Literte
Leonardo Lopez
James E. Low
Oscar R. Machado Jr.
Shannette N. Madayag
Estrella S. Mangahas
Charlesetta Medina
Mark D. Mendez
Stephen Mexal
Maged Mikhail
Natalie M. Mir
Iris C. Miranda
Cari A. Morelli
Kristopher S. Mosser
Elizabeth E. Munoz
Janice Myck-Wayne
Inder-Mohan S. Nat
Melda M. Navarro
Jose Navas
Crystal L. Newman

Vincent K. Nguyen
Tu-Uyen Nguyen
Mitchell Okada
Heather Osborne-Thompson
Rita D. Page
Marcella Panuco
Dana M. Pape
Paula R. Parker
Debra Patterson
Priscilla A. Pena-Towns
Genesis Perez
Patricia Perez
Dawn R. Person
Christopher Peterson
Daniel M. Phillips
Zehava Purim-Adimor
Madeline Rasche
Debra Jean Redsteer
Veronica Rosas
Jasamin Rostamkolayi
Michael Shafae
Monique C. Shay
Terri Simonton
Heather Snavely
Myungsoo Son
Traci Statler
Jessica Stern
Michelle L. Tapper
Lorraine Thornburg
Yolanda R. Tijerina
Megan Tommerup
Ofir Turel
Israel R. Vasquez
Guillermina Vega
Jessica M. Wagoner
Todd L. West
JC Westgate
Sandra F. Wong
Christina M. Yanez
Jennifer Yee
Hassan Yousefi
Dawit Zerom
Tracey E. Zuno
5 years of service
Brittany N. Aase
Vahideh Abedi
Hilda V. Aboytia
Kazi Ahmed
Hector M. Alfaro
Rachael E. Amaro
Erick N. Ambrocio
Jorge Araujo
Adrian Avila-Alvarez
Maria Bedolla
Renee J. Bennett
Gabriela Best
Lorenzo Bizzi
Amanda M Borin
Adilio Borja
Leslie Bruce
Analia Cabral
Daniel T. Clavel
Michael J. Colapietro
Leticia Collins
James Collison
Raffaella Commitante
Selenia S Corado
Crystal Cortez
Jaycee Cover
Gwen L. Dack
Ana F. De Guzman
Marisela Delgadillo
Peter B. Donovan
Pauling Duong
Carolyn Dupaquier
Perry Dupuis
Lilia Espinoza
Armand Esquivel
David M. Forgues

Kristy Forsgren
Briana L. Fulfer
Patricia L. Gabel
Monica M. Garza
Gary Germo
Alexandra V Giron
Adam Glesser
Mikhail Gofman
Jason P. Goldsmith
Jennifer Goldstein
Christine Gonzales
Janna M Gray
Monica Hanna
Mark Herbst
Janette A. Hernandez
Brenda L. Hernandez
Joseph B. Horodyski III
Cherie Ichinose
Veronica Jimenez Ortiz
Jeffrey Jolly
Yan Kang-Abreu
Charlene W. Keith
Yuna Kim
Yenlan Li
Sissi Li
Lauren M. Lopez
Geoffrey Lovelace
Vanessa A. Lowe
Carol Lundberg
Christopher Lyons
Ladan Maleki
John K. Marino
Summer Martin
Solomon Massin
Lashawn R. Mccombs
Larry A. Mcgee
Alina C. Mircea-Trotz
Phoolendra Mishra
Sara V. Mouw
Betty D. Neri
Irving A Nguyen
Alfredo Nieto
Gabriela Nunez
Stephen O’Connor
Julie Orser
Hema Paliwal
James Parham
Marilyn Parras
Gregory D. Paules
Roxane J. Perez
Jennifer Piazza
Amanda Pinedo
Jeffrey W. Polunas
Aaron Popp
Rachel Pound
Anthony Quiroga
Kristin M. Rabbetts
John S. Ramirez
Alvin Rangel-Alvarado
Jocelyn Read
David A Reed
Michael J. Roberts
Nina Robson
Angel Rodriguez
Gina L. Rodriguez
Gregory Rogel
Magdalena Roman
Christopher L. Romo
Donna M. Roth
Gregory J. Saks
Maria D. Salazar
John M. Salinas
Carlos E. Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez
Marla Sanchez
Nydia Sandoval
Andrea R Schmid
Tracy A. Shadowens
Rebecca Sheehan
Kulsoom Sizar
John Smith
Darryl Smith
Baatar Sodnompel
Susana Soqui-Lopez
William Sprinkle
Garrett Struckhoff
Justin D. Sturdivant
Patrick M. Sullivan
Brittney Swanson
Berhanu B. Tadesse
Stephanie M. Tancredi
Anne-Margaret Tovar
Christopher Tracy
Lan T. Tran
Nhu Y. Tran
Yuying Tsong
Nathan S. Van Diggele
Gregorio Vasquez Vidal
Juan Villafuerte
Anthony J. Villanueva

Jacquelyn A. Villasenor
Haowei Wang
Michael W. Wilcox
Tiffany N. Zanias
Dereck Zara
Marina J. Zarate
Fang Zhang