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Inspiration and Ichthyology: The Science of ‘Finding Nemo’

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In this week’s installment of “Bad Science,” Seeker’s weekly podcast on the scientific principles behind popular movies, the Pixar 2003 animated classic “Finding Nemo” is the topic. The conversation features special guest Misty Paig-Tran, assistant professor of biological science, joined by actress Jackie Tohn of the Netflix series “Glow.”

Paig-Tran talks about sharks, the behavior of clownfish and the newly discovered third species of manta ray, along with her coastline research conducted via scuba diving.

She also answers an abiding question from movies, tall tales and ocean fables: Could someone really be swallowed by a whale and survive in the whale’s stomach? “In the stomach, not so much,” she says. “Digestive juices.”

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