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Presenting at the American Psychological Association

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Cal State Fullerton faculty members and students were among the presenters at the recent American Psychological Association annual convention in San Francisco.

Rachel Fenning, associate professor of child and adolescent studies, was chair, discussant and a speaker at the symposium “Biomarkers in Clinical Context for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Jason K. Baker, associate professor of child and adolescent studies, also was a participant on the same symposium.

Gerald Corey, emeritus professor of human services, was a speaker on the “Leaving It at the Office — Psychologist Self-Care and Revitalization” and “Self-Care in the Seasons of a Psychology Career — Ethics and Best Practices” symposiums.

Yuying Tsong, associate professor of human services, and Eliza Noh, chair and professor of Asian American studies, were speakers in the “Trauma and Well-Being Among Asian American Women — Feminist Approaches in Research and Clinical Practice” symposium.

Tsong also co-chaired the convention’s business meeting and awards ceremony, a skill-building session and was a speaker in a session on “Community Advocacy — Training Psychologists to Act Locally.”

David Hart, lecturer in counseling, was among the CSUF contingent who authored posters presented at the conference. Hart co-authored “Effects of Prayer Type on Positive and Negative Affect: An Experimental Investigation” and “Prayer Type and Well-Being: Implications of Gender, Frequency and Belief in Prayer.”

Michelle Ramos, assistant professor of child and adolescent studies, co-authored “The Roles of Co-Rumination and Problem Solving in the Continuity of Adolescent Depressive Symptoms.”

Graduate psychology student Karanjeet Kaur delivered “Alexithymia and Negative Mood Regulation Expectancies in a Compulsive Buying Population.”

Other posters presented were co-authored by 22 undergraduate and graduate students with CSUF faculty. They included:

Mindy Mechanic, professor of psychology, with graduate student Phuong Nguyen.

Yuying Tsong, associate professor of human services, with graduate counseling students Shuo Coco Wang, Melissa Ward and Alexandra Dilly, alumna Alexis Tai ’18 (M.S. education-higher education) and student Amelia Campoa Lopez.

Rebekah Smart, professor of counseling, Tsong and graduate students Ward, Dilly and Wang.

Rachel M. Fenning and Jason K. Baker, associate professors of child and adolescent studies, and students Kyra Da Silva Colaco, Jasmine Gonzalez, Meghan Orr, Jacquelyn Moffitt and Shivani Patel.

Jennifer Trevitt, associate professor of psychology, with students Arlene Y. Martinez, Fabian Ortiz, Francisca J. Niculae, Ji Min Lee, Vaness Sanchez, Patrick Alcantara, Tahmarah Otto and Amanda Jaimes.