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Future College Educators Named Predoctoral Scholars

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Nine underrepresented students at Cal State Fullerton have begun a new educational journey, working toward a doctoral-level degree to someday teach on a college campus.

They are Sally Casanova Scholars in the California State University Pre-Doctoral Scholars Program, a systemwide initiative launched in 1989 to ensure that traditionally underrepresented students have more access to doctoral-level degrees and to broaden the pool of talented faculty members inclined to teach at the CSU.

The scholars and current degree programs are:
Mariana Bruno, M.A. history
Gemayel Goxcon, M.A. geography
Jeffrey Harris, M.A. anthropology
Sarah Hernandez, M.S. psychology
Monica Inouye, B.S. chemistry
Shayna La Scala, B.S. human services
Kimberly Madrigal, B.A. sociology
Christina Mu, B.A. psychology
Duy Nguyen, B.A. mathematics

Each honoree receives a $3,000 scholarship and is offered opportunities to explore and prepare for doctoral programs, including a summer research internship program at a University of California campus or other doctoral-granting institution, travel to national symposiums, conferences or professional meetings, and other related activities. More information is available online.