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Marketing Expert Discusses Branding for the Big Game

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Marketing wears many hats. Contingent upon execution, it can accelerate a brand, break a bottom line, or even ignite a national dialogue. When firms consider manufacturing a connection between the big game and their brand, there are several key issues. Whether national titans, regional risers, or family-owned operations, the following points may be a path to victory. If you feel confident in your team, book the tickets to Disneyland now.

What is the Game Plan?

The resources that a firm must expend to secure a national advertisement during the game are considerable ($5.05 million in 2018 for 30-second spot). Even if the advertising campaign is on a smaller scale, it must be thoughtful and deliberate. Adaptability is essential to the marketing art; however, improvisation is rarely ideal. The marketing strategy for such a campaign should be carefully crafted to illuminate the unique value of the brand’s product and/or service. Also, there should be cohesion between the established identity of the brand and the big game’s advertising.

Run or Pass?

Does the brand (and/or its product/service offerings) lend itself to a particular type of appeal? Humor is a well-established, and considerably effective, vessel for marketing messages. However, drama, nostalgia, sadness, and social appeals also have gained traction with firms and consumers. A firm must decide which angle best suits the brand’s personality, then execute effectively. Also, there is a critical difference in intent that must be understood. Is the desired effect an increase in a “softer” metric, such as brand awareness, or a concrete measure like revenues? This is important for consumers, as well as for assessing ROI and comparable financial figures.

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