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Campaign Focuses on Pedestrian Safety

University Police Seek to Inform and Educate Campus Members
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As the time runs out on a crosswalk, a skateboarder plunges into the street before a turning vehicle … A driver rushes through the intersection to make the light and drives through a crosswalk, barely missing pedestrians in the crosswalk … Rather than use the crosswalk at the end of the block, a pedestrian steps out in the road between parked cars.

These are examples of pedestrian and vehicle violations in which campus members have put themselves into harm’s way when trying to get through or cross the intersections on the roadways around Cal State Fullerton. Drivers entering a crosswalk where there are pedestrians, pedestrians who don’t follow the crosswalk signs or don’t use crosswalks are the three top violations seen on roads adjacent to the university.

Beginning Feb. 4, University Police will begin a weeklong pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety campaign in which officers will be stationed at high-traffic intersections, such as Nutwood and Commonwealth avenues and State College Boulevard and Arts Drive, to provide tips and educate pedestrians on the rules of the road.

“The University Police Department constantly seeks to seize opportunities to respond and serve the public safety needs of our university community,” says University Police Chief Raymund Aguirre. “In 2017, 57 accidents were reported on or near our main campus.

“Pedestrian safety is the responsibility of each individual, both pedestrian and vehicle operator, and through our campaign, we hope to raise awareness through this education and information-centered program with the goal of decreasing pedestrian-related accidents and injuries.”

Last fall’s two-week campaign saw more than 1,000 students, faculty and staff receiving warnings in lieu of violations, and 62 pedestrians and 41 drivers were issued citations, noted Aguirre. Each one of those warnings potentially could have led to an accident or pedestrian fatality, he added.  

For more information about the campaign and safety, check out Traffic Tuesday tips on the University Police Facebook, Instagram and twitter, as well as the department’s campus website.