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Communication Faculty, Students Present at Professional Meetings

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Faculty and students from two departments in the College of Communications will be among the presenters are professional conferences in Seattle and Pasadena.

Human communication studies faculty members and students will be among the discussants and presenters at the Feb. 23-25 Western States Communication Association conference in Seattle.

In addition to assistant professor Alyssa Samek, who will be a participant in the Organization for Research on Women and Communication President’s Roundtable, “Advocating With(out) Evidence: Sexual Assault in a Post-Truth Era,” campus presenters include

  • Assistant professor Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, “Evidence for the Significance of Family Social Support on Depression Among Homosexual Young Adults”
  • Suwinyattichaiporn, co-presenter, “ ‘Who’s Doing the Phubbing?’: Exploring Individual Factors That Predict Phubbing Behaviors During Interpersonal Interactions”
  • Students Blanca Muñoz and Karen Hydanus, “A Teacher-Centered Study: The Relationship Between College Student Misbehaviors and Instructor’s Self-Efficacy and Teaching Satisfaction”
  • Students Samuel Nguyen and Nikola Kadovic, “Advocating Acculturation Strategies for Vietnamese International Students”
  • Student Amanda Worthington, “Evidence of Affectionate Communication and Emotional Closeness Between Biological, Half and Step-Siblings”

Communication sciences and disorders faculty members, alumni and students will be presenting at the March 14-17 California Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention in Pasadena. They include:

  • Professor HyeKyeung Seung and student Julissa Sandoval, “Do Minimally Verbal Children With Autism Have Childhood Apraxia of Speech?”
  • Seung, student San Pham and alumni Kristina Iorga ‘18 and Jamie Bui ‘17, “Autism: A Look Into Vietnamese Culture”
  • Professor Toya Wyatt, “Revisiting Larry P. and African American Student Language Assessments: Clarifications and Updates”
  • Associate professor Min Jung Kim and undergraduate students Esther Joo and Jessica Shin, among co-authors of “Speech Sound Acquisition in Korean-English Bilingual Children”
  • Assistant professor Phillip Weir-Mayta and students Joshua Stockton, Crystal Munoz and Danielle Urbina, “Investigation of Speech Motor Learning and Feedback Frequency in Healthy Older Adults”
  • Weir-Mayta, Urbina and Stockton with Barbara Doyer, lecturer in nursing, and students Sarah Green, Stephanie Abbott and Leslie Chen, “Refocusing the Learning Lens: Incorporating Interprofessional Education and Standardized Patients Into Graduate Programs”
  • Lecturer Leann Schouten, “Effects of Seat Surface Position on Breath Support in Children” and as co-author of “Ethics: How Speech-Language Pathology Assistants Can Avoid Sticky Situations,” “Adventures in Leadership: Experiences of a CSHA Leadership Academy Learning Team”
  • Lecturer Elena Viviano-Brown, “Selective Mutism and the Speech Language Pathologist”
  • Alumna Michelle D’Mello ‘19 among co-authors of “ABCs of Advocacy and Leadership: What Every Student Needs to Know”