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Titan Voice – Chelsea Barns: My Screenwriting Realization Steals the Scene

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Let me set the scene for you.

I have just awakened from my annual Christmas Day nap on my parent’s couch when “Home Alone” credits roll on the television. “Time to go!” my dad exclaims. I sit up, throwing on my shoes. “I got the snacks,” my mom says as she bops out the door, her purse sounding like a sugary maraca as she goes past me. 

We have a tradition in my family. We go to the movies on Christmas Day. Kingston, my brother, usually picks the movies. Last year, it was “Star Wars: Episode VIII,” and this year, “Bumblebee.”

Am I excited for this movie? Not really. Frankly, I don’t think the series has been good since the second film and that is really only because… Wait, I am getting sidetracked. As a graduate student studying screenwriting in the department of cinema and television arts at Cal State Fullerton’s College of Communications, I’ve grown to be more critical. A film, its writing, its characters, its flow must impress me. I want more from my films now.

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