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Recent Publications Range From Educating Indigenous Tibetan Children, to Youth Vulnerability to Trafficking

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The recently published work by Cal State Fullerton faculty include a book on border cinema and papers on education, engineering and speech issues.

Rebecca Sheehan, associate professor of cinema and television arts, and Monica Hanna, associate professor of Chicana and Chicano studies, are co-editors of the book “Border Cinema: Reimagining Identity Through Aesthetics,”  which will be published by Rutgers University Press April 15.

Nawang Phuntsog, professor of elementary and bilingual education, authored “China’s Minority Preferential Policies and the Schooling of Indigenous Tibetan Children: The Weakest Link” published on the Intercultural Education/Taylor&Francis website.

Sudarshan Kurwadkar, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, authored “Online Education in Environmental Engineering  California State University, Fullerton, a Case Study”  in the February issue of EM Magazine.

“Practical Design and Implementation Methods for Kalman Filtering for Critical Applications” by Mohinder Grewal, professor of electrical engineering, was published in the spring issue of Navigation.

Hannah E. Fraley, assistant professor of nursing, co-authored “Obtaining Exposure and Depth of Field: School Nurses ‘Seeing’ Youth Vulnerability to Trafficking” published March 18 on the Journal of Interpersonal Violence website

Terry Saenz, professor of communication sciences and disorders, was co-author of the paper Speech-Language Pathologists’ Collaboration With Interpreters: Results of a Current Survey in California.”  The paper was published in Vol. 11, No. 1 of the International Journal of Translation and Interpreting Research