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Faculty, Students Present at Women in Psychology Convention

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Human services and counseling faculty and students were among the presenters at the 44th annual Conference of the Association for Women in Psychology  Feb. 28-March 3 in Newport, Rhode Island.

Presenters were:
Yuying Tsong, associate professor of human services, was co-presenter of “Feminist Approaches in Trauma Research and Practice With Asian American Women.” Tsong joined counseling student Melissa Ward to co-deliver “Liberal Differences: A Study of Political Affiliation Race and Rape Myth Acceptance.”

Rebekah Smart, professor of counseling, and counseling students Ward, Shuo Coco Wang and Alexandra Dilley co-delivered “Therapists and Researchers’ Personal Responses and Professional Experiences in Light of #MeToo and Similar Movements.” Ward, Wang and Dilley also gave a talk on “Anti-Racist Allyship in White Communities: Dismantling Racism by Speaking Out.”

Tsong, Ward, Wang and Dilley also delivered “Asian American Womxn (sic) Disordered Eating Literacy and Help Seeking Decisions.”