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Campus Welcomes New Sustainability Website

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The university’s Department of Capital Programs and Facilities Management and its Sustainability Office have announced a new sustainability website — a one-stop location where campus and community members can find out more about the sustainable practices and programs in place across Cal State Fullerton, as well as how to take part.

Projects such as the replacement of old, inefficient chillers with a more energy-efficient, 1,200-ton, variable-speed chiller are among the efforts being taken in Capital Programs and Facilities Management. The Central Plant project, which began this month, will include electrical upgrades and a new electric boiler.

These are all part of the university’s efforts to operate at the most energy-efficient manner possible, to reduce campus greenhouse emissions, to find renewable sources to meet campus electrical needs and to reduce water usage, says Michael Lotito, associate director of plant operations/chief engineer. “Our goal is to become a carbon-neutral campus by 2050.”