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University Awards Recognize the Work of Titans

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Hundreds of campus faculty, staff and administrators joined in celebration today to honor and recognize the many milestones and achievements accomplished by Titans.

The annual University Awards celebration kicked off with breakfast, rousing music from the Titan Band, T-shirts flying through the air, and humorous videos in which CSUF President Fram Virjee and David Forgues, vice president for human resources, diversity and inclusion, ‘interviewed’ notable alumni Kevin Costner, Gwen Stefani, Justin Turner and Bruce Bowen.

And then, there was that special moment when Tuffy stormed the stage, only to reveal … he was President Virjee.

Virjee noted that the awards ceremony was a time to recognize the excellence of faculty and staff members. “It’s all about you, the faculty and staff of this incredible institution,” he told the crowd.

This year, two faculty members with 40 years of service received special recognition for their years of service: Cherlyn Converse, lecturer in mathematics, and Aubrey LeBard, lecturer in marketing. 

In addition to recognizing employees’ years of service and achievement of advanced degrees, the awards program presented three campuswide awards.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

The Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Award recognizes staff, faculty and administrators who enhance the university environment by improving cross-cultural understanding through respect for differing backgrounds and points of view. This year’s recipient was Sharrica Miller, assistant professor of nursing, whose leadership helped establish the first annual Diversity and Inclusion Symposium within the School of Nursing. The symposium introduced important topics surrounding diversity to the campus, such as ethnicity, religion, sexuality and gender expression, providing an opportunity for the campus to recruit and retain a more diverse student population. In addition, Miller’s collaboration with the Guardian Scholars program and advocacy with foster youth is a testament to her commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity efforts.

Teamwork and Collaboration Award

The Teamwork and Collaboration Award recognizes staff, faculty, administrators or teams who demonstrate cooperation, collaboration and open communication. This year’s winners were members of the Tuffy’s Basic Needs team: Carmen Curiel, associate dean of students; Marlene Romero, care services coordinator; and student assistant Nick Jakel. This team was instrumental to the success of the Tuffy’s Basic Needs Center in its first year of operation, providing more than 2,000 visitors with food assistance, temporary emergency housing, financial support and the distribution of clothing and hygiene products. Since its inception, this team has developed partnerships both on and off campus that contributed to the center’s triumph and benefits students who are experiencing hardship.

Leadership Award

The 2019 Leadership Award recognizes a staff, faculty member or administrator who demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities, as well as motivates and inspires others to a high level of commitment by creating a compelling vision. Eileen Walsh, chair and associate professor of sociology, was this year’s Leadership Award winner. Walsh was nominated not only for serving as an extraordinary role model to staff and colleagues, but for her leadership in guiding faculty and staff members to contribute to the further growth of the college and its students. She is described as a supportive mentor and collaborative leader with a clear vision for the department that aligns decisions with the students’ best interests.

Titan Excellence Awards

This year, after an absence of several years, the Titan Excellence Awards were re-established. Sixty-four nominations were received and four outstanding Titans were named for 2019.

Matt Englar-Carlson, professor of counseling. is described as an extraordinary educator, providing students with support for both educational and personal growth. His contributions to the campus are evident through his leadership every day in the classroom and in the Graduate Mentoring program, where he increases cultural awareness among students, staff, and faculty while providing resources to the population of underrepresented students through advising and mentorship.

Jim Donovan, director of athletics, has been described as a transformative force within Titan Athletics. Since his arrival on campus, Titan Athletics has nearly quadrupled its annual fundraising and increased annual student attendance at athletic events by more than 1,200 percent. The university’s graduation success rate for student-athletes increased from 68 to 77 percent. Donovan was recently named one of only four nationwide Under Armour Athletic Directors of the Year Award winners.

Ken Moyer, information technology consultant, is described as an exceptional asset to the Department of Online Education and Training in Academic Affairs. His commitment to his day-to-day work, collaboration with cohorts, vision for the department’s projects and programs, and consistent level of outstanding customer service were noted. Additionally, his commitment to the university’s Accessible Technology Initiative and advancing awareness of the importance of inclusive teaching strategies and accessible instructional materials supports student success and inclusivity.

Tammy Rogers, graduation specialist, is a pivotal asset to student success within the College of Communications. Over the last 17 years, she has consistently played an integral role in student success, providing support with integrity and attention to detail. This is evident through the improvement in the College of Communication’s graduation and retention rates.

Titan of the Year: Jim Donovan

From the four Titan Excellence recipients, one was named Titan of the Year. This year, the honor went to Donovan, who promptly thanked the President Virjee, Vice President for Student Affairs Berenecea J. Eanes, the president’s cabinet and administration, faculty, staff and students.

“All of us in athletics are so proud to represent the university,” he said. “Thank you to our supporters, our donors and our alumni. We will have our ups and downs … but our best days are ahead of us.”

Graduation and Certificates Earned

Several staff members who earned advanced degrees were recognized, including:

Kenitza Carrillo — M.S., higher education, Cal State Fullerton   
Kim Case — Ed.D., CSUF
Zenaida Co — DNP, CSUF
Rebecca Conran-Dunham, MBA, CSUF
Leilani De Castro, M.S. counseling, CSUF
Loida De Leon, MPA, Cal State Northridge
Adeline Godines, B.A. business administration, CSUF
Robin Graboyes, MPA, CSUF  
Emily Hill, M.A. education, Cal State San Diego
Samuel Lee, M.S. college counseling and student development, Azusa Pacific University
Annalyn Mai, B.A. communications/B.S. health science, CSUF
Veronica Martinez, B.A. sociology, CSUF
Christine Mayfield, Ed.D., CSUF
Diane Mazzey, Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership, USC
Patty Park, M.S. literacy and reading, CSUF
Guosheng (Sean) Wei, M.S. information technology, CSUF
Catherine Ward, Ed.D., University of Southern California

Years of Service Honorees

5 Years
Mohammad Abdelhaq Christina Medina
Nitin Agnihotri Christopher Medina
Adolfo A. Aguilar Lori Melendrezallemand
Aurelio Agundez Christine Mendoza
Sawssan Ahmed Ronald A. Michelotti
Iyad Alamir Malgorzata Miklas-Kalczynska
Tammi Alderman Trisha Miller
Lisa M. Alexander Luis H. Molina
Lori Allemand Kenna Molinder
Anthony Alvarez Niroshika Monerawila-Keppetipola
Albert Anticona Araujo Randy Montes
Jordon Aquino Mahnaz Moradi-Nargesi
Isaac G. Arciniega Analisa F. Morgan
Monica Marie Armas April Morris
Luzviminda N. Ashna Lidia Morrison
Herllaine Asistio Kieran F. Mulholland
Hakob Avetisyan Sarah G. Muñoz
Andrew S. Ayala Sabrina A. Najera
Jyenny Babcock Futoshi Nakagawa
Martina Baldwin Rachel Nankervis
Amber M. Beck Samriti K. Natt
Samuel Blanche Hylin Neese
Catherine Brennan Amanda Q. Nguyen
Patricia J. Brockman Thi Thu Hang Nguyen
Siobhan Brooks Janice Nguyen
Sean C. Brown John Nguyen
Heather Brown Julianne G. Nielsen
Margie Brown-Coronel Trista  O’Connell
Marcela C. Burrell Jennifer Okieffe
Mara Cabrera Matthew Olson
Stephanie Campbell Tonantzin Oseguera
Justin Chan Jerod Overfield
Parichard Chan James M. Owens
Min J. Chang Mariusz Ozminkowski
Yuhsin Chang Orvic Ralph Pada
Aaron J. Cho Lauren B. Parkes
Hansol Choi Sergio A. Pena Flores
Laura Chowdhury Diana Perez
Lisa R. Collins Eleanor Perry-Tomlin
Martha L. Contreras Elyse Peterson
Scott G. Cooper Jaime Potter
Ruben Coronel Patricia Prestinary
Cathleen L. Craig Ruth W. Pries
Cheryl Crippen Christine Quiros
Kerri B. Crooks Stephen Ramirez
Abraham Cruz Annik Ramsey
Maria Darcy Carolyn Rath
Amanda N. Davidson Nathan Reed
Suzanne Marie Davidson Holly Richards
Michael Dietz Catherine D. Rivas
Michael Dillon Summer Rivera
Armando Enciso-Ramirez  Jr. Olga Riveron
Guadalupe Espinoza Daniel Rivers
Armand Esquivel Brett Robblee
Jeanette Esquivel Morales Ian Roberson
Amanda Estrada Laura R. Ross
Rosemary D. Farr Lisa R. Rubio
Karen Fazio Blanca Ruiz
Tanis Fields Daniel Sadnik
Jeffrey Freeman Joy Sage
Natalie Fujimoto Steve Santana
Nancy Garcia Leila Sayyadi
George M. Garcia Michelle S. Schwartz
Alexander Gauf Sharon Selnick
Jacquelyn Gerali Jesus Serna
Justin A. Gerboc Anthony D. Sesma
Nathaniel Christian Gilliam Pradeep Sharma
Elizabeth Gomez Sarah Shawesh
Inez M. Gonzalez Macy Shen
Ester Gonzalez Leaa Short
Natalie Graham Shane Shukis
Wendy Grieb Sylvan Shulman
Nyema Guannu Lauren E. Sieven
Ken Guo Eunseok Song
David R. Guzman Evelyn R. Soqui
Krista Hahn Aldo Soto
Maureen B. Hall-Katz Arsenio Staer
Emily Hamecher Patrick O. Stephan
Joanna Hang Su Swarat
Kalani Hobayan Amber Tavasolian
Marissa R. Hoggard Linda B. Taylor
Nathan Horn Erik Tellez
Mike Huang Devon Thacker Thomas
Hokseng Hun William Thomas
Adam M. Hyde Ingrid Thompson
Jennifer B. Ip Yun Tian
Ramona C. Jauregui Duan Tran
Cassandra Jones Jeanne T. Tran-Martin
Bradley W. Justice Saran Tucker
Danny C. Kim Mark A. Ulloa
Suzanne G. Knutzen Masako Ura
Nicole Koch Charity Vasquez
Maria Koleilat Anael Verdugo
Kirsten Kvaska Teresa Victoria
Marc Labreche Juan Villafuerte
Catherine Lamar Mary Ann Villarreal
Sunny Le Danika Julieann Visnaw-Gavina
Christina Lee Kathryn Walker
Linda Leonard Nancy Walker
Joseph F. Lipnisky Catherine Ward
Peng Liu Willie Washington
Lisa A. Lopez Richard Watson
Sean Loyd Martha Webber
Jeffrey D. Lum Myrna A. Weber
Barbara Malley Christopher J. Weems
Ashley M. Malone Guosheng Wei
Steve M. Marquez Sonya C. White
Jorge A. Martinez Cathleen Wietstock
Jhofelle E. Maruzzo Bonnie Williams
Scott Mata Karla H. Wirth
Souraya Matar Gregory S. Witmer
Dianne Matias Christopher Witscher
Kenneth Maxey Susie Woo
Stephen May Jensen P. Yee
Rachel McClanahan Mun Yong
Daniel McClure Leah C. Young
Debra J. McGee-Smith Rubaiya Zaman
Katherine J. McGill Maria Estela Zarate
Luke McGowan Mark W. Zerbe

10 Years

Sadeeka Almajid Fred Kinney
Rodney Anderson Sara M. Kirkpatrick
Henry Atkins Edward Knell
Assaf Avni Shengjie Kung
Christopher Axtell Tri Lam
Suzanne M. Batista Tami W. Lau
Sam Behseta Ester Soo Jin Lee
Ajay Bhootra Dena S. Leischner
Jaclyn Blyleven Hong Lin
Jennifer Burnaford Scott Lynn
Julie R. Bussell Raven Laura Mansen
Nathalie Carrick Jacqueline Margo
Diobel L.S. Castner Michelle M. Markham
Edward V. Castro Andreea E. Martin
Minerva Chavez Hugh A. McDonald
Rebecca Conran-Dunham Elva R. Meraz
Monica B. Corona Alison Miyamoto
June Criswell Alicia Moreno
Piero Cutrona Kimberly Mundala
Victor A. Davila Lori Muse
Dirk J. Dejong Nikolaos Nikolaidis
Tenzin Dorjee Kimberly Norman
Jason rotter Sang June Oh
Jesus E. Enriquez Nancy Panza
Jacques J. Etcheberry Marilyn Parras
Gary Evans Christopher G. Perez
Peter Fashing Rachel Permejo
April Flores Diana Pirraglia
Danielle M. Flores David Plouffe
Maria Garcia Adolfo Prieto
Joe Albert Garcia Sandra Marie Quintero
Christine Gardiner Alysia Ranson
Barry Gershenovitz Waleed Rashidi
Jasmeet Gill Donald Ray
Howard Gordon J. Fernando Rincon Trejo
Cynthia Grauvogl Hoang B. Rivera
Colleen Greene James Rodriguez
Cheryl Mae Hanrahan Tiffany Row
Wirawan Harjono James Ruby
Nikia M. Hastie Elizabeth Sanchez
Glen Hatton Daniel S. Soper
Michelle E. Hernandez Ben Sztajnkrycer
Michael Hoffman William Thompson
Randy Hoffman Saul Tobias
Melanie Horn Mallers Berna Torr
Larry Howard Kavin Tsang
James Hussar Justin Tucker
Pablo Jasis Nagaraja Vadlakunta
Wei Jiang Diana Vasquez
Hope Johnson Teresa L. Vazquez
David Kelman David P. Williams
Barbara L. Kerr Jindong Wu
Danny Kim Edward Yoo

15 Years

Maricela Alvarado Sonia Nunez
Anthony M. Anderson Valerie O’Regan
Harry Anicich Valerie Orleans
Joseph Biel Marsha Orr
Jennifer Carlson Kevin N. Phillips
Nathan Carr Patricia Prunty
James Childers Cristina G. Rangel
Parastoo Danaee Charles Royston
Eduardo A. Dizon Bruce Rubin
Barbra Erickson David Sandner
Theresa Facundo Debra Saxton
Jose Fonseca Ketan Shah
Steven James Paul F. Shirts
Kimberly A. Kee Albert R. Sim
Valentin Lagunes Stephen Stambough
Zhuangjie Li Kristin K. Stang
Stacy Mallicoat Marc T. Trinh
Tim Maloney Kenneth Walicki
Miguel Martinez Sean Walker
Robert McLain Stephen Weissbart
Christine Lua Muriel Adam Woods
Eliza Noh Feng Xiao
Amy  Novak Jing Yang
  Danielle Zacherl

20 Years

Andres Alamillo Lilian Koldre
Sammy Al-Qaisi William Lett
Diana Alvarez David T. Lin
Michael S. Bedford Aurora Lopez
Aquilio Betancourt Eligio H. Lopez
Edwin Bibera Jason C .Lorge
Jennifer Blander Michelle C. Lucio
Renae Bredin Laura Marcoulides
John D. Brockie Drusilla Maurer
Patsy S. Burns Robert Mead
Adeline Carroll Barbara Miller
Juda Carter Jesus Miranda
Mark Cartiglia Danny Miranda Jr.
Suvath Chea William Myers
David Chen Daryle Nagano
Sandeep Chopra Christopher Nielsen
Bin Cong Kimberly A. Norman
Anne Cox-Petersen Ali Parsa
Helen Davenport Lisa M. Penunuri
John Doyle Michael Perez
John Drew Katherine Powers
Marcia Escobosa Michael D. Pruitt
Ragaa Fahmi Chris Ruiz-Velasco
Joseph T. Fitzgerald Maryam Sayyedi
M. Wayne Foss Ann Sheffield
Mary Ellen Frazier Clay Sherman
Thomas Fujita-Rony Kunavouth Svay
Tara Garcia William Vancleve
Andres M. Garcia Melanie A. Vogel
Neil Granitz Mai H. Warren
Cynthia L. Greenberg Bob L. West
Arnold A .Holland Susan D. Winston
Janette Hyder Sherri Wolff
Robert Istad Buzhe Xiao
Annette M. Jones  

25 Years

Genevieve Amaro-Bussey Mike McGee
John Anderson Karen McKinley
Todd T. Baker Kevin Meehan
Ruby J. Cook Lucy Moon-Shoulders
Glennda-Roy Gilmour Deserita Ohtomo
Charles D. Kissel Grant Rohr
Sandra K. Malone Patricia Rottschaeffer
Joseph Martinazzi Mark Salters
  Philip Woodward

30 Years

Welson G. Badal Zvi Goldstein
Susamma (Susan) Barua Maureen Haney
Jill A. Brower Ross L. Jones
Gayle Brunelle Jimmy C. Kung
Beverly L. Chawla James Lasley
Marc Dickey Sergio Lizarraga
Kathryn Dickson Margaret Y. Luzzi
John L. Elders Morteza Rahmatian


35 Years of Service Honorees

Craig Bowman
Hassan Hamidi-Hashemi
Mikel Hogan
Joyce L. Jones
Debra R. Winters 

40 Years

Cherlyn Converse
Aubrey Lebard

45 Years

Douglas Navarick