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Faculty and Staff Are Honored

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Cal State Fullerton faculty and staff members who have recently received accolades from their peers and the community include:

Sue Fisher, emergency management coordinator, received a Silver Award for her poster presentation, “Confronting Building Evacuation Challenges for Wheelchair Users,” at the International Association of Emergency Managers Conference in Savannah, Georgia. 

The presentation was part of the University and College Caucus, held prior to the IAEM event. Fisher also co-presented “Upstream Thinking” on the importance of pre-event work and the challenges emergency managers face in mitigating potential crises.

Warren Lewis, lecturer in cinema arts and television, received a jury award for outstanding screenplay for his work “Cam Girl” at the Wallachia International Film Festival.

Shelly Arsneault, professor of political science, received an honorable mention at the Orange County Business Council’s 9th annual “Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet Awards” for her innovative leadership of the City Management Fellowship Program.

Dallas and Debra Stout, lecturers in child and adolescent studies, were honored on National and World Kindness Day with a 2019 Kindness Award from Orange County Supervisor Doug Chaffee in recognition of their contributions and community impact through exceptional kindness and service. 

New Emeriti

James Taulli has been named dean emeritus of the College of the Arts in recognition of 22 years of service to the university. Taulli, professor of theatre and dance and CSUF alumnus, served as associate dean of the college from 2010 until his interim appointment as dean on Aug. 1, 2014. He held the position until July 1, 2015, when Dale Merrill succeeded him.

Also recently honored with the conferral of emeritus status:
Donald Matthewson, lecturer emeritus in political science, for 22 years of teaching political science on campus
Gail Wallenbeck, registered nurse II triage emeritus, in honor of 12 years of service to the campus