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Titan’s Blinking Owl Distillery Steps up to Make Hand Sanitizer Amid Outbreak

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Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic and shortages of supplies in certain areas, the first distillery in Orange County plans to switch gears from crafting booze to crafting hand sanitizer. And it’s a Titan-owned company prioritizing community over profits. 

Tasked by a government agency, pioneering owners Brian and Robin Christenson, along with co-owner Kirsten Vangsness ’96 (B.A. theatre arts) will produce a hand-cleaning solution that will be FDA-approved, abide by World Health Organization specifications, and contain alcohol, glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide.

“We are working out the details now, but we are expecting for them to purchase a huge order,” Robin Christenson said. “And the idea would be for them to distribute to those who need it most: homeless, hospital workers, police, etc.”

About 7,000 2-ounce bottles are expected to be ordered, and production will begin soon. The sanitizer will include Blinking Owl’s signature whimsical branding.

Health officials have implored communities to increase hand-washing and sanitization efforts to slow the spread of a virus that causes COVID-19, a viral infection marked by its attack on lung function. Sanitizers containing alcohol are believed effective, especially in working situations where hand-washing with soap and water isn’t always possible.

“Even if the government agency backs out, we have big suppliers who need it and have asked to buy hand sanitizer from us,” said Christenson. “So that’s where we are. We never would have thought that we would be making hand sanitizer, but we are very happy that we can make something that’s so very needed right now and just to keep moving forward.”

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