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Titan’s Kogi Truck Offers Tacos to Social Distancing Families in Need

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On a recent Wednesday, a Titan-owned food truck became a drive-thru and Taco Tuesday became Taco Wednesday, and none of it cost a dime to the partakers.

To help social distancing families facing financial hardships because of the new coronavirus shutdowns, Titan Roy Choi’s Kogi Korean BBQ, a Korean-Mexican taco truck chain, gave out 300 free taco lunches in the parking lot of the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse. Choi ’94 (B.A. philosophy) is the co-founder of Kogi Korean BBQ. 

“Maybe we couldn’t see it so deeply before because the pressure of a world crisis wasn’t on the shoulders of the human race,” Choi said. “But now that it is, it’s not something that you feel like you have to do or that you have to give back; it’s about, ‘This is what your purpose is.’” 

The parking lot was filled with two lines of cars, where Kogi staff implemented a drive-thru system for guests to pick up their food. As each car inched forward, staff members wearing gloves and a mask would walk up to the cars and take their orders, asking guests if they preferred meat or vegetarian tacos. Continue reading in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune