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Personal Training, Yoga and More … Titans Take Exercise Online

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During “normal times,” Alba Tucker ’10, ’19 (B.S., M.S. kinesiology), lecturer in kinesiology and a personal trainer/group exercise instructor for the Student Recreation Center at Cal State Fullerton, would be leading classes in yoga, cardio kickboxing and the popular “Guts, Butts and Thighs” sessions. She also would be offering personal, one-on-one training at the SRC. 

But now things are a bit different. Many of the classes continue, and she teaches two of them online.

The SRC is currently offering a number of online courses that can be accessed on the program website. Classes are available to all CSUF students, faculty and staff; a campus ID is needed to log on.

“You don’t realize how essential it is to have human contact in our lives,” Tucker said. “As an instructor, I rely on body gestures, expressions and movement to assist people with their technique and provide corrections, if necessary. It’s different talking to a computer screen filled with boxes bearing only a name or a still picture. During classes, participants often provide much of the energy through their workouts. So I have to make sure I’m delivering the same level of enthusiasm because the class is only seeing and following me.

“I’m glad to see students, faculty and staff responding to the classes,” she said. “It’s been demonstrated that exercise is an effective tool in reducing stress and anxiety, and for those living alone, it can decrease the feelings of solitude. The benefits are even greater for those who may have health issues such as hypertension or diabetes. Movement helps them maintain and keep underlying health issues under control. It’s not a substitute for medication but it helps your immune system remain strong, aids in digestion and burns extra calories.”

Students can ask questions during class, and if a participant has an injury or chronic condition, Tucker advises them to let the instructor know so modifications can be offered.

“I believe exercise is great medicine and can offer positive physical and emotional results,” she said. “I’d encourage my fellow Titans to take advantage of the online classes that the SRC offers.”

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