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University Police Captain Featured in Media Series Reflecting on Race

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On May 26, the world saw the beginning of what would be the largest set of protests in our nation’s history—demonstrations that brought together millions of Americans despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just like a virus, the outrage over the death of George Floyd spread worldwide to more than two thousand cities and dozens of countries. 

People of all ages, nationalities, ethnic origins, and members of the LGBTQ+ community united their voices to demand justice and an end to racism, but what happens next?

Spectrum News 1 addresses the important conversations around trauma, healing, activism, education, and allyship, in three hours of special coverage . University Police Capt. Scot Willey is among the experts in psychology, parenting, and civil rights who break down what can be done individually and collectively to keep moving toward a more equitable society.

Continue reading and view the four-part video package on Spectrum News 1.

See the section with Capt. Willey here.