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Earthquakes Spark Speculation About ‘The Big One’ … Again

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Over the last few days, a swarm of almost 600 earthquakes has shaken southern California, and a lot of people are becoming extremely concerned about what will happen next. In fact, if you go on Twitter right now you will find a tremendous amount of speculation that “the Big One” could be coming. The experts are trying to calm the general public by assuring them that it is probably not likely that “the Big One” is imminent, but they don’t know for sure. Forecasting earthquakes is not like forecasting the weather, and experts will continue to tell us that a major event is not likely until the day when one finally happens.

But what everyone can agree upon is that earthquake swarms cause the probability of a major event to rise. Of course that doesn’t mean that there will be a major event associated with this current earthquake swarm, and there may not be a major event if an earthquake swarm occurs next month. But without a doubt what is going on in southern California right now is worth watching.

Unfortunately, one day the time for warning will be over and disaster will strike. According to Cal State Fullerton professor Matt Kirby, a big enough quake could cause vast stretches of Southern California to sink dramatically “relatively instantaneously, he said. Continue reading in The Traderszone Network