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CSUF Celebrates Arbor Day With Tree-Planting Ceremony

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On Wednesday, April 21, Cal State Fullerton, in cooperation with the City of Fullerton, celebrated Arbor Day by planting several trees throughout campus. The mayor, city council members and administrators from the City of Fullerton were in attendance as well as President Fram Virjee and representatives from Cal State Fullerton, Cal Fire and West Coast Arborists.

During the Arbor Day celebration, 10 Coast Live Oak trees were planted. 

”A great many birds, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates utilize oak trees. These trees are among the most important wildlife plants,” Hans Mickelson, manager of landscape services, explained. “Oak trees are a native species that help save water. Several types of butterflies also use oak trees as a host plant. In addition, trees combat climate change, provide oxygen and help with soil erosion.”

“The Office of Sustainability is working on several projects that include planting more trees, increasing renewable energy, energy storage, expanding the food waste program and more,” said Michael Lotito, associate director of plant operations/chief engineer. “The university has a commitment to a healthy and well-balanced urban forest.”

Valerie Orleans