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Faculty Publications Cover Topics From Parenting to Consumer Purchase Behavior

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Cal State Fullerton faculty submitted the following publications and awards during May 2021: 


Jason Baker and Rachel Fenning, associate professors of child and adolescent studies, and Sasha Zeedyk, assistant professor of child and adolescent studies, and graduate student Jasmin Alostaz co-authored a manuscript titled “Parental Coping as a Buffer Between Child Factors and Emotion-Related Parenting in Families of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder” in the Journal of Family Psychology.

Gordon Capp, assistant professor of social work, co-authored “School Social Worker Voice During COVID-19 School Disruptions: A National Qualitative Analysis” in Children & Schools.

Lana Dalley, professor of English, comparative literature and linguistics, published an article titled “Confronting ‘White Feminism’ in the Victorian Literature Classroom” in Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies.

Niroshika Monerawila Keppetipola, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and Terri Patchen, professor of elementary and bilingual education, published an article titled “Titrating Teaching: An Interdisciplinary Case Study of Online and Face-to-Face Undergraduate Biochemistry Instruction” in the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education.

Pimbucha Rusmevichientong, assistant professor of public health, and Jie Weiss, professor of public health, co-authored “The New FDA Nutrition Facts Labels and Consumer Purchase Intentions: An Effect of Emotional Tax” in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour.


Jule Selbo, professor of cinema and television arts, had her book, “Breaking Barriers: The Life of Laura Bassi,” named as a finalist in the Chanticleer International Book Awards.

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Karen Lindell