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University Recognizes New Emeriti

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Fifteen faculty and staff members were honored with emeriti status during the period of Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 for their many years of service to the university: 

Michael Anthony, assistant director emeritus of mechanical trades operations: 21 years

Norma Charest, administrative support coordinator I emeritus: 31 years

Andrew M. Gill, professor emeritus of economics: 37 years

Scott Hewitt, professor emeritus of chemistry: 30 years

Catherine Higa, master teacher emeritus at the Children’s Center: 33 years

Susan Leavy, staff counselor emeritus: 18 years

Michelle Lucio, student services professional II emeritus: 22 years

Kenara Ly, information technology senior director emeritus of development and application support: 24 years

Gianni Ramani, manager emeritus of building trades: 15 years 

Pamela Romero, budget analyst and office manager emeritus: 14 years

Andrea Stein, professor emeritus of communications: 21 years

Anhthu Truong, payroll analyst emeritus: 16 years

Raman Menon Unnikrishnan, dean emeritus of the College of Engineering and Computer Science and professor emeritus of electrical engineering: 20 years 

Cameron J. Walker, lecturer emeritus in anthropology: 16 years

Steven Yim, assistant vice president emeritus of financial services and administrative systems/university controller: 15 years 

Written by: Zak Minert
Karen Lindell