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Expanded Investment Research Center to Prepare Business and Economics Students for Wall Street Success

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The world-class Titan Capital Management program at Cal State Fullerton’s College of Business and Economics has an expanded home in 2024, the brand-new Investment Research Center.

On April 26, alumni, faculty and friends will gather to dedicate the nearly 2,000-square-foot space, which will give investment-focused students access to state-of-the-art Bloomberg terminals, the same used by Wall Street investment professionals, and multiple additional databases for research and reporting. The information can also be displayed on 75-inch Zoom-compatible screens around the main room, exuding a Wall Street vibe.

“Our new TCM Investment Research Center represents the college’s commitment to providing an education that is not only cutting-edge, but immerses our students in a real-world investment environment,” said Sri Sundaram, dean of the College of Business and Economics. “The Titan Capital Management program is one of our signature student programs, and we are delighted to give these hardworking and enterprising students a new physical space to help them make data driven investment decisions with the latest technology.”

This center also features an expanded stock ticker display, with live news and stock exchange feeds. New offices for Titan Capital Management teaching faculty are situated in the back of this new space.

“The Investment Research Center will foster teamwork, critical thinking and exchange of ideas in real time, and experience similar to a trading floor or at the heart of an investment management organization,” said Mark Collinson, managing director of Titan Capital Management.

Managing an Applied Portfolio, Investment Students Are Ready to Lead in the Business World

Since its founding, development and evolution more than a decade ago, the Titan Capital Management fund has grown to more than $3.4 million across four portfolios, with students allocating the money in the ever-changing global capital markets of the 21st century.

It is a mutually beneficial program for the college and its stakeholders. In addition to preparing students to thrive in the financial sector, the funds support student programs such as presidential scholarships, tutoring and advising that give undergraduate business Titans access to the mentoring and support they need to succeed in college.

“TCM is a shining light among the college’s various programs,” said Collinson. “It produces well-educated students from diverse backgrounds whose skillsets include practical experience of managing real money. After graduating, these highly capable professionals enter investment banks, portfolio advisory firms, startups and other industry positions where their backgrounds are often underrepresented.”

Completion of the TCM program has already become a badge of honor and distinction for students, with successful placement at local boutique firms such as Canterbury Consulting and at world-class giants such as Goldman Sachs.

For More on Titan Capital Management

If you are a finance student or seeking to include financial careers in your future, The Titan Capital Management program and its feeder partner, the Student Managed Investment Fund, are great opportunities for career development and growth. For more information on requirements or an application form, visit the TCM Investment Program webpage.

To learn more about the history of investment education at Cal State Fullerton, read more of our articles on Titan Capital Management.

Daniel Coats