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Three Brothers Earn Their Business Degrees Together

Class of 2024 Grads Noah, Adam and Joshua Bijelic Pursue Careers in Taxation, Human Resources and Finance
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Noah, Adam and Joshua Bijelic are close-knit brothers and share a passion and acumen for business.

The three brothers chose Cal State Fullerton for their higher education studies and each earned a degree in the business field.

The brothers participated in the College of Business and Economics‘ commencement ceremony, with their parents and family members cheering as they crossed the graduation stage — at the same time.

“It’s rewarding to see your child accomplish their educational milestones. But to see all three of my boys accomplish it together is something I never fathomed would occur,” said Adriana Silva-Bijelic, the grads’ mother. “We couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Bijelic brothers earn business degrees
Class of 2024 grads Adam, second from left, Joshua and Noah Bijelic with their parents, Adriana and Sinisa (Courtesy of Adriana Silva-Bijelic)

The Class of 2024 grads, two years apart in age, agreed that the university offered them the best education and opportunities to pursue their respective careers in business.

“During the college application process, Cal State Fullerton stood out as my top choice, largely influenced by my older brother, who was a student at the time,” said Joshua Bijelic, 22, the youngest brother who earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration-finance.

“Having visited the campus during high school, I was immediately impressed and felt that CSUF was the ideal place to build and plan my future.”

Noah Bijelic, 26, the eldest brother, earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration-accounting in 2021 from CSUF after transferring from Rio Hondo College. He graduated with a master’s degree in taxation

“It’s a big achievement that we’re graduating together,” Noah said, especially since he and Joshua missed in-person graduations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’ve all worked hard to get to this point, and now, I have had the honor to share this big moment alongside my younger brothers.”

Adam Bijelic, 24, who enrolled in the College of Business and Economics because of his strong interest in understanding how businesses operate, earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration-human resources management.

“Graduation marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I am excited about the future opportunities and the career path ahead,” he said.

Choosing CSUF for Their Business Degrees

Silva-Bijelic, a real estate broker, and the grads’ father, Sinisa Bijelic, a faculty member in computer information technology at Rio Hondo College, encouraged their sons to attend the university.

“We felt that Cal State Fullerton is one of the top-rated schools for business and economics, and with the university conveniently located close to home, the boys could easily get to school, keep their jobs and save their earnings, all while getting a great education,” Silva-Bijelic said.

Bijelic Brothers
The Bijelic brothers on campus (Courtesy of Jesse Andrew Villamil)

As an undergraduate, Noah interned at a construction firm in Whittier, which turned into a full-time position as a staff accountant.

“Cal State Fullerton is a very reputable school that many companies know will deliver the best in the field,” Noah said, adding that he manages accounts receivable and payable for monthly billings and payroll reports.

For his graduate thesis, Noah researched the impacts of new technology, including the use of artificial intelligence, in the tax profession. He plans to complete the CPA exam and, one day, start his own tax firm. 

Adam earned an associate degree in business administration from Rio Hondo College and then took a gap year. In 2021, he enrolled at CSUF.

He joined the Tennis Club and attended college events, such as career fairs, guest lectures and networking mixers, to connect with industry professionals and alumni. 

“These connections opened doors to internship and job opportunities and valuable advice that have helped me navigate my career path,” said Adam, who held two part-time jobs while in college.

He plans to pursue a graduate degree in human resources at CSUF and is seeking a career as an executive recruiter.

“I am drawn to this field because I am passionate about connecting talented individuals with opportunities that align with their skills and career aspirations,” he said. 

After his 2020 high school graduation during the pandemic, Joshua enrolled as a freshman. Following in his older brothers’ footsteps, Joshua decided to study business and discovered an interest in finance, particularly in cash flow analysis and financial analytics courses. 

With his college degree, he plans to advance to a finance-related role with Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation, where he works part time, and aspires to become a chief financial officer for a company. He also wants to return to CSUF to earn an MBA.

“Cal State Fullerton has provided me with a comprehensive education and opened up numerous career opportunities aligned with my interests,” Joshua said. “Graduation Day was a time to recognize the hard work my two brothers and I have invested in to build a strong foundation for our futures.”

Debra Cano Ramos