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Student Voices

There's a national debate about the allocation of billions of dollars toward the building of a wall for border security. How would you put that money to use?

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Migrant worker

Victoria López: I would use the money to make a better screening process to get individuals who are seeking asylum or trying to get legal status to come to this country. … There needs to be more focus internally with our country before we continue to push for billions of dollars to be used at the border.

Security cameras and sensors at border fence

Ryan Moore: I'd like to see more technology used along the border — more cameras and sensors to be able to spot where people are, so if they're out there they can be rescued rather than being left to perish in the heat or cold. With regards to Border Patrol, I think it would be much better if they partnered up instead of being on their own.

Border Patrol uniform patch

Lily Jiménez: I believe the money should be used for technology, for the safety of the officers and the immigrants. It's not fair that people are dying, that bones are being collected. … Both sides are being endangered while crossing the border. And Dr. Castro made a good point — who are we hiring? If it were up to me, I would perform psychological tests (on Border Patrol agents) every six months.

Border Patrol helicopter flying above

Chris Jones: I would use it on more technology. Some of the conversations with CBP really caught my attention, like how the cartel would just buy cheap drones on Amazon and fly drugs over. I would spend more time trying to keep up with their methods. We can only do that with more advanced technology to find tunnels or intercept drones. … Advancing our technological infrastructure would get us that much further ahead rather than wasting all of our time on foot in the deserts looking for people who are economically destitute and who are only coming here looking for a better life.

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