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8 Experts to Strengthen the Post-Election Analysis

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Cal State Fullerton scholars can offer expertise in voting technology, political division and reconciliation, voter participation, and the unprecedented response by police agencies during voting periods and in preparation for post-election civil unrest.

Christine Gardiner, professor of criminal justice, can speak to the unprecedented training and preparation by the nation’s 18,000 police agencies in anticipation of Election Day and post- election civil unrest.

Pamela Fiber-Ostrow, professor of political science, can comment on gender and racial constructs in the elections, as well as the debates and the strategies.

Matthew Jarvis, associate professor of political science, is an expert on voting technology, American politics, political behavior and campaign finance.

Sarah Hill, associate professor of political science, is an expert on the 12 propositions on California’s ballot. Watch Hill’s video workshop examines each of the ballot propositions.

Rob Robinson, associate professor of political science offers expertise in judicial politics, polarization, political campaigns, and the U.S. presidency.

Ella Ben Hagai, assistant professor of psychology and expert on intergroup conflict and reconciliation, can speak to the anticipated post-election hurt and healing.

Shana Charles, associate professor of public health, details in her brief that better health status, lower levels of psychological distress, and better access to health care are related to higher levels of voter participation.

Iris Blandón-Gitlin, professor of psychology, is an expert on the psychological aspects of deception. Her research offers insight on how people lie and which situations elicit more evasive and inconsistent answers from liars than from truth-tellers. Read more about her research here.

Kristin Rowe, assistant professor of American studies, has focused her research on body politics, hair, beauty culture, race, black feminism and sexuality through a historical and pop culture lens. Read more about her research here.

Voters can drop off or cast ballots at Cal State Fullerton’s voting centers on the Fullerton campus and at the Irvine center location. Find out more about CSUF’s election-related events on the Titans Turn Out. Review the Voter Education Series which offers talks on integrity of voting, and the Latinx community vote. For a schedule of events, go to the CSUF Election Events page.