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News Release

Cal State Fullerton Faculty Member Scott J. Spitzer Available to Discuss Humanitarian Crisis of the Israel–Hamas war

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Scott J. Spitzer, associate professor of political science at Cal State Fullerton, can speak to the humanitarian crisis resulting from the 2023 Israel–Hamas war.

Spitzer, who teaches the political science course “Politics of the Arab-Israeli Conflict,” can speak to the multiple narratives for understanding this immensely complex ongoing conflict.

“Of the many wars and violent events over the 75-year Israeli-Palestinian conflict – the October 7 brutal Hamas attack on Israeli civilians and the resulting military responses from Israel present a tragic humanitarian and political crisis,” Spitzer said.

Spitzer can discuss the historical context of the current events in Israel and the Gaza Strip, and the short- and long-term implications for all of the participating actors: Israel, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, other surrounding Arab nations and the United States.