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Titan Spotlight

13th year of CSUF Pollak Library & Vietnamese Student Association Joint-Project

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The CSUF Pollak Library and the CSUF Vietnamese Students Association are continuing a 13-year charitable joint-project: collecting children’s books to send to Vietnam.  Each Spring, the VSA holds its annual cultural program, and uses the event as a fund-raiser to invite donors to buy a children’s book—and sign a donor book label—to go to schools in Vietnam.  In Vietnam, students begin learning English as a second language as early as elementary school, so introductory children’s books in English are popular.  John Hickok, the Library’s International Outreach Librarian, coordinates this donation project on behalf of the library, then transports the books to Vietnam each year during exchange visits to Vietnamese libraries.  This April, 200 books were donated and were prepared by VSA- securing donor labels.  The books will be delivered to Vietnam this fall, to various schools. 

Joy Sage