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Titan Spotlight

CSUF Celebrates Asian Pacific Islander South Asian American Heritage Month

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Cal State Fullerton is excited to acknowledge and celebrate Asian Pacific Islander South Asian American Heritage Month during the month of April. The month is a chance for the university to honor the rich cultures, histories and contributions of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and South Asians in the U.S. This year, we’re thrilled to highlight the significance of inclusivity and active involvement within the campus community.

Asian Americans have made remarkable achievements in various fields, enriching our society with their talents and accomplishments. From astronaut Ellison Onizuka to filmmaker Ang Lee, and politician Kamala Harris, Asian Americans have made indelible marks in science, technology, politics and the arts, inspiring generations to come.

One aspect of local California APISAA history is the pivotal role of Filipino farmworkers in shaping California’s agricultural industry during the early 20th century. Filipino farmworkers organized labor unions and strikes to advocate for fair wages and better working conditions, leaving a lasting impact on the labor movement in the United States.

Throughout the month of April, the campus will be offering programs and learning opportunities that speak to the history of APISAA. Titans are invited to honor and celebrate the contributions of Asian Pacific Islander South Asian Americans to the CSUF campus and community.

Please visit the APISAA website for a calendar of events and highlights.

Alexis Naucler