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CSUF Women’s Leadership Program Can Change Your Life and Career

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By Daniel Coats ’15, ’18

For the past eight years, Cal State Fullerton’s Women’s Leadership Program has taught hundreds of students about the particular challenges women face in the workplace and how to overcome those challenges.

One of the many beneficiaries of this program graduating in 2023 was business analytics undergrad Carolina Mejia.

The Riverside resident discusses the impact of the Women’s Leadership Program on her career and life trajectory, why others should take advantage of the program, and her career goals.

How did your experience with the Women’s Leadership Program prepare you for post-collegiate life?

My experience with the Women’s Leadership Program was exceptional. I applied at the beginning of my senior year as I wanted to be more involved with campus programs. I discovered the program through the Business Career Center’s Instagram story, and when I saw their post, I clicked on the “apply here” link so fast!

From our first session, I immediately felt a sense of community with every single person in that room. It was beautiful to see the ethnic diversity and getting to know these women who all had different educational backgrounds and upbringings.

What made the program so special was the reason why we all applied in the first place: to learn about challenges women face in the workplace, and most importantly, how to overcome those challenges.

We had the pleasure of learning how to overcome workplace challenges by listening to guest speakers who were women experienced in leadership positions, career coaches, and early-career professionals.

I grew both personally and professionally because of this program and now feel more confident in the ways I present myself and my skills in the workplace.

From the workshops to the one-on-one sessions, I had with my career coach, I developed many skills that will help me navigate through my career. I learned about the importance of networking, how to negotiate salary, communicating differences, and bridging the gap between men and women in the workplace. I also learned how to increase my influence as a woman in the workplace by highlighting my existing skills and leveraging them to advance in my career.

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Daniel Coats