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Titan Spotlight

CSUF’s ASI Wins Best in Show at Annual ‘Steal This Idea’ Contest

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Cal State Fullerton’s Associated Students Inc. had a clean sweep at the 2024 Association of College Unions International annual “Steal This Idea” contest. Competing against universities from across the globe, ASI won Best in Show for the second year in a row, four first-place spots, one second-place spot and two third-place spots. 

ACUI’s marketing and graphic design content has its roots in the early 1900s. It was started in 1914 by six students and one faculty adviser. Today, it is an organization that spans across the world with over 400 volunteers, honoring students and professionals in their graphic design and marketing endeavors with a hope of inspiring each other along the way.  

The top award of this contest, Best in Show, was given to ASI’s Student Wellness Initiative campaign, which was executed by professional marketing staff. This was a comprehensive package that included T-shirt designs, videos, posters, presentations, handbills and more. Professional staff members Michael Greenlee and Art Serna of ASI are the recipients of this honor as they spearheaded the design of the campaign.  

The efforts ASI took in its Student Wellness Initiative were also recognized by ACUI. ASI used alternative consultation to survey, inform and present the initiative to as many students as possible along with a full-scale marketing campaign.  

The award recipients are:  

  • First place for Student Calendars and Schedules for Titan Outdoors Adventures Calendar awarded to Billy Dee, Leone Fernandez, Alyssa Fujiwara, Sang Nguyen, Alice Le, Kristen Ochoa and Tran Tran
  • First place for Student Miscellaneous for ASI Movie Night Sticker Pack awarded to Vyvyan Nguyen, Tran Tran and Lillian Van  
  • First place for Student Promotional Campaigns for Spring Concert awarded to Lillian Van and Vyvyan Nguyen  
  • Second place for Professional Promotional Campaigns for Beyond the Conversation awarded to Michael Greenlee  
  • Third place for Student Logo and Brand Identity for the Titan Cup Series awarded to Felipe Reblora and Sang Nguyen 
  • Third place for Student Video/Animation for Beyond the Conversation: Ke Huy Quan awarded to Natalia Medina, Colin Vail, Hayley Garcia and Mauricio Nuñez 

ACUI’s four core values are community, inclusion, learning and innovation. ASI is proud to not only share these values but partake in them as well, uplifting students and their abilities. Honoring the hard work that student designers put into their craft is incredibly important, and ASI is proud to be the home of our winners.  

By Ross Hunter Boak 

Jenni Chang